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Author Topic: SEXY TEEN BARBARA - Thornton Heath  (Read 3654 times)

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Offline SWLondon

I finally made over to see Barbara and I can't believe I have waited so long!! Definitely going back in the new year.

I would like to caveat this positive review with the fact that this girl isn't for everyone, for big (natural) boob aficionado's she is a must - even if it's just a 15min punt to play with the tits (cheaper than a lapdance at some london clubs!).  There was a considerable thread here which covers some of the negatives in more detail than I will go into:

Adultwork link here: https://www.adultwork.com/2194050

Right into the punt, her flat is a run of the mill EE flat in fair condition opposite the Sainsburys (plenty of parking available).  Comms were good from the start with clear description on how to get there.  There was slight confusion with the door number due to the noisy road but after a couple of texts I was in her flat.

I was greeted by Barbara wearing some tracksuit trousers and the type of t-shirt only EE's wear.  The t-shirt was tight and showing off her amazing figure, although I was a bit disappointed that she wasn't wearing any make up.

She asked me how long I wanted to stay, I said 30mins which she replied it would be £40.  I asked whether there were any extras and she said no it was 'all included'.  I only ever want a fairly vanilla service but I don't think anal would be on the menu.  As she went off with the money I asked for a glass of water.  When she had returned I had stripped off and was on the bed, she gave me the water whilst she stripped off.  Then it was onto the (covered) BJ -  I know this is a deal breaker for some but for £40 and this quality of body I could not care!  She gave a good BJ and I didn't want to come via BJ so I asked her to stop so we repositioned and got her to lay down and I went down on her, she tasted great was getting very wet.  She asked for me not to finger her which, again I know some people like to do.  Anyway after a bit I went into a bit of missionary (covered) whilst I played with the amazing tits, after 10 mins or so I popped inside her as her pussy was so tight.

After we had a little chat and she was very friendly to me. I did try and tempt her with another 30mins but she informed me she was busy so couldn't.  All in all I was there for about 30mins on the dot.

Body wise I would give her a 9/10, she is slim about 5ft6 tall, and has probably the best natural tits I have ever seen.  Facially I'd put her at around 6/10, but to be honest with a bit of slap and a bit of effort with her hair she could easily be a 7 or 8.  Personality wise I'd say she is about 6/10, she is quite quiet and I get the feeling that she is going through the motions a little bit.

So to summarise:

1. Those tits - truely stunning.
2. Price - 30mins for the price of two 5min lap dances in Browns (or similar).
3. Good BJ (although covered)

1. Slightly mechanical service
2. Very vanilla service (no OWO anal etc).
3. I get the feeling if you don't get on with her she can be a bit difficult (previous reports).
4. Her whole flat stank of cigarettes
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1 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

I do like WG's who have a good rack, but fag breath (I'm not a smoker, so notice it very early on and I have a difficult time blocking it out), mechanical service and an attitude are three strikes.

I'm out.

probably the best natural tits I have ever seen. 

Holy shit. Based on her profile pics, am inclined to believe you.

Reminds me of Czech bint Katerina Konec


Not a great looker either, but fuck me, with tits like that.....

Offline ALyons

The key question is, did she let you suck them?  :D
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The key question is, did she let you suck them?  :D

Exactly. There have been guys reporting that she's such a stroppy cow, you'll barely get to touch them.

Offline SWLondon

I can happily report that I had a good play and such with them  :yahoo:

Offline SWLondon

Just a quick reply to say I've been back and had another play with the amazing fits. having been twice I'm not sure I'll go back a 3rd time any time soon. Maybe in 6 months or so... plenty more fish in the sea!!

Did she dress nicer for you this time?

Offline Steve2

Has been about for ages. Was in Finchley a while back

Offline SWLondon

Did she dress nicer for you this time?

Just a t shirt and jeans. On the plus side she is cheap!

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