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Hello All,

I have been punting for a few years now and have (On the whole) had a genuinely great experience.  However, I have noticed that I have developed a "type" in the "real world" which I find isn't really catered for by the Escorts I can find in my area, well in the normal places that I look (Say, like an ex colleague I really wanted to fuck, not specifically them but someone with similar characteristics).

So, is there somewhere you can place adverts saying "I am looking for X, Y and Z in a given geographical area"?

Thanks for taking the time to read this and apologies if I have posted it in the wrong place.

Offline Lambada

You could submit a reverse booking on Adultwork.

Offline CBPaul

Surely it depends on the 'characteristics' you require. Do they extend beyond a typical description or likes / dislikes that you can search on aw ?


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As already mentioned go for a reverse booking (RB), the longer the booking the more likely you will get girls that meet your criteria from outside your area. It will capture girls outside of your area but unfortunately you will also have to sort out the dross (IE the ones that don't match your criteria because they haven't read your RB) but it has a few positives, your likely to get a discount on their advertised rates, you will see profiles you would never have thought to look for (ie outside of your normal area) and for me it can be a little exciting when you get a message from AW to say you have a bid to see what they look like.

It does depend on you having an AW profile and you will get a better result if you book well in advance and have some positive feedback (you wont need many a few will do)