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Author Topic: kool bod / Jamie in Bristol  (Read 1056 times)

Offline Bongo23

Anyone have any experience ?   Does no face, no reviews, no phone number, spell "S-C-A-M", or worth investigating ? 

 (I'm a beginner at this.....)

Thanks guys !

Offline SirPhilipXX

Not necessarily - just proceed with caution.

Post the link in case anyone has seen her and can give you more info.

Offline PuntingPete

Mmm - Not verified, been a member since Aug 2011 & no feedback, really??

It's not a PG scam obviously (no PG), but I wouldn't think you will get anywhere. Besides £160 is far too much anyway  :thumbsdown:

Offline SirPhilipXX

I agree. If you do email her, ask why she has no feedback in more than 2 years on AW.

Give her your number (best to have a separate number for punting) and ask her to call you.

You can usually get a feel as to whether a girl is genuine or not when you speak to her.

Offline Bongo23

Will do.   Thanks for the advice.

Will let you know what I find.

Offline TerryTibbs

Thanks.  Here's the link:
https://www.adultwork.com/1317899 or https://www.adultwork.com/kool+bod

I think I remember this pic from ages ago.

So maybe be genuine.

Only time will tell.


Offline Bongo23

Thanks !   If Kool Bod's picture is that old, maybe I can assume that her Bod isn't quite so Kool these days....

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