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Author Topic: Romanians in Glasgow recomendation?  (Read 854 times)

Offline elihd

Hello punters, new to the forum, but been lurking here reading comments & advices for quite a while. Am a young punter, new to this expensive hobby, I been punting regularly UK & abroad (mostly UK) for about 3.5 years. As we all know from January 2014 we the British open our door to the romanians with... errm.. open heart and open arms, hopefully their working girls will open their legs for us. I am looking for a good looking genuine romanian girl that provide good services i.e. owo dfk/fk + cim any recommendation would be appreciated. Thanks

Offline Thehun10

My recommendation would be to get a hepatitis-b vaccination.

Don't give oral sex. Never use Africans or junkies.
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Offline markw

A new punter who's been punting for 3.5 years?
Banning reason: Undesirable fluffy

Offline 616

Or a Romanian pimp arrived early looking for new girls to ponce off over the next few years?

Offline seeker

My recommendation STAY WELL CLEAR  :thumbsdown:
Their a bunch of skanky con artists :scare:
Mostly out to provide a shitty service and con the punter.

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