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    Earlier today l was browsing this site and got the 'urge.'

    I checked my hotlist - unfortunately no ladies were available, l checked the review thread - after 5-6 calls, one lady was available:-  [[Link hidden, login to view]] - l booked a one hour session with her at 6pm she insisted l call her, which l did, l confirmed the booking.  I took a jelly, 10 minutes later she texts asking to confirm via text - l thought that's weird l confirmed it on the phone, anyway l confirmed via text telling her l am on my way and asked if she had a shower (l don't know why but thank god l did) - no was the reply - l then text to cancel the booking.

    Now thinking with my dick (l have taken a jelly) l desperately search AW (on my mobile phone), l call 4-5 ladies even pushing my budget to £150 only one lady was available - Mara Bunny - l book a one hour appointment she texted me her postcode.

    [[Link hidden, login to view]] [[Link hidden, login to view]]

    I arrive at the postcode and call her she tells me her flat number - the flats are nice with concierge - not on duty - l take the lift and knock on the door.

    In truth l should have walked but as l said l was thinking with my dick.

    She was wearing a (ugly) robe and thick tights, she has slight acne/spots. I hand over my hard earned money and l asked to take a shower.

    After l returned she was playing with her phone after a few minutes she put it away and came towards me still in her robe.  She had her back to me and played with my dick with her bum. l thought what the hell l have paid £130 and l  have to try to get my moneys worth. So l pulled up her robe and played with her ass and tried to turn her head to kiss - to which she stated she does not french kiss - she asked if l smoked l replied no - she then allowed light closed mouth kissing. On to the bed she said she does not do OWO, l said no problem lets have sex, she put the condom on and lube and started whinging how big l was ( I am not but was very hard thanks to the jelly), she went on top for 4-5 strokes and then said "it hurts you come on top." I started to bang her slowly then speeded it up but she slowed me down - l didn't want to piss her off as l wanted another round later so tried to keep her happy. I then had a bit of massage, l turn over for round two she said 'hand job' l said no - sex please - she said "she had been busy and that was the last condom." I am pissed off now and she senses this and asks "if l am upset," "no," was my reply, she nevertheless gets a condom, l tell her not to bother, she jerks me off.  I was civil and friendly l had another shower and left.

    Her breasts are amazing as are her nipples, she does have a good body under that robe as l said she has acne she is not GFE and is worth in my opinion £60 an hour at the most.

    And yes l have learned my lesson next time plan/book ahead else have a cold shower.

    Any good suggestions for the Liverpool street/Old Street/Barbican area are welcome.  My best recent punt (twice) was Hot Ameera - excellent but "variety is the spice of live" - Thanks in advance.

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