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Author Topic: What a wild day!  (Read 2124 times)

Offline Conwy

Hi, all.

I was browsing AW for who might be available for today and noticed that Misty McCaine was offering a special of her + 2 of her favourite GF porn stars as a one-off.

I e-mailed and booked a 90 minute slot for £450 and the normal price for all 3, booked individually, would have been £1,075.

It might be wild outside, but it was wilder inside.

We dubbed the date as "Misty's Mysteries."

If there are any slots left for today, go for it.

Although Misty is a decade and a half older than the other two, she's my kind of girl.


As of right now (17:45) she's doing the same offer for £300. Must be getting some last minute xmas money together.

As of right now (17:45) she's doing the same offer for £300. Must be getting some last minute xmas money together.

its actually £300 for 60 minutes. conwy booked for 90 minutes.

Offline Conwy

£300 for 1 hour is right.

I booked for 1.5 hours, therefore £450.

There was a real party atmosphere.


I see. Who are her other two friends?

Offline Conwy

Since she hasn't mentioned the names herself I thought that it's not within my remit to do it.

Two hot stars in their mid-twenties.


Offline Festisio

Good stuff! When having threesomes I've often thought that I'm not always up to the challenge of 2 women, 3 must be epic.

Offline Conwy

Epic is the right word. I am past 65 and warned them that I am "a bit slow these days" They seemed to take it as a challenge and extracted 2 monster pops from me less than an hour apart.

It was quite frenetic. They could take champagne breaks in turns and still leave a minimum of two of them giving me the works.


Offline Rick2468a

I have missed this! Ouch! Ah well I will pay more attention to the forum in future.

I haven't punted since the Duchess Desire saga but I am looking for something for Christmas Eve. Misty will hopefully make me feel better than I felt about the real Santa Claus as a lil boy. Gosh this punt sounded a treat. High Five to you Conway.

Offline iPad3

Misty Mcaine is an all time favourite of mine, can someone post a link, the only profile I can find hasn't been used since 2012. Is the gmail adress shown the one you used Conwy?

Would love to book her for a bit of nostalgia even if I've missed the boat on the 3 girl offer!!

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Offline iPad3

Seems absurdly expensive

£200 for an hour is certainly not cheap however I had a few pornos starring misty when I was younger and I thought she very hot back then, I have no issue at all paying that price based on this to actually shag her myself. Take that away though and would agree it does seem a bit costly.

Offline Conwy

I felt in advance that I was on safe ground with the three of them for that rate.

Misty I was half expecting to look older and heavier than her profile pictures.
In fact, she looks better facially than her pictures and is probably a size 12+ but less than a 14.

Personality counts a lot for me (Misty is a happy soul) and I plan to see her again solo.

One of the other 2 was an absolute babe, with the WOW factor visually.
Misty is the one I plan to revisit, though.


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