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Author Topic: Standard Review Format What Do Punters Think  (Read 2576 times)

Offline vorian

I would say the fluffy idiots got what they deserve but they make it harder for all punters as they empower the WG's who provide poor service.
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Offline James999

Dorian, no offence and all that shit,  but you don't half come across as a fluffy in some of your posts   :hi:

Offline vorian

No offence taken at all James, I value your opinion in an open forum. I would be interested to seek your thoughts as to why you believe I am fluffy and would be delighted to respond to any points you wish to raise.
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Offline rpg

Hey Dorian, at the risk of sounding fluffy and all that I think you're one of the most sensible new members in a while.

Offline Urban_G

I'm not so sure about a checklist, but as previously suggested, certain criteria should be added as standard and a 'neutral' option in the present system wouldn't be a bad thing imo.

Every punter is different, as is every punt and prostitute. People on UKP should be allowed to express themselves how they wish (within reason). This aint pro$$ienet.

I second that. I don't want reviewing to end up like some kind of bureaucratic box ticking exercise. I probably wouldn't bother if it was like filling out a tax return.

In field reports I like to know what exactly went on, as there is a good chance I may book the escort

So when I see, what happened between me and the escort, wont be entered int, it puts me of

But if I read,....As I got in the door, she was straight on me, we entered the bedroom, she pushed me onto the bed, and unbuckled my trousers, and began to suck me of, this is the kind of review I like

I've not left many reviews , actually I think only 1-2 but regularly check before booking anything and love the 'free format'. No prompts etc, just how we feel it went and I think a true reflection. No word limit etc
Total freedom to write what you like how you like... Open and to the point! I hope we are here for similar reasons ... To have safer more reliable punts so why restrict freedom of so each with tick boxes and formats etc... Just my 2ps

I think the review section is fine. I have my own template, which is easy to adjust. I don't think we need a neutral option. Just write neutral in capitals in the subject title. Concerning neutral reviews: If the prossie offers the services but you didn't fancy her or you didn't click do a positive. If she offers services, but she cut your time short, fucked about on her phone, wasn't totally clean and so on, do a negative.

Offline iPad3

My veiw is to keep things easy so we can mould our own to a certain extent however a few standard details at the top would work well IMO as it would allow a quick scan to indicate if the girl is worth bothering with without he need to spend 10 minutes reading the details of a long review if she's not going to for the bill.

I do agree though that finding this balance for all is a tricky one!

Offline iPad3

Oops last line should be fit the bill (damn iphone auto compete!!)

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