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Author Topic: HollyTaylor (Glasgow)  (Read 1689 times)

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Haven't seen her, but a few people who I trust have suggested her to me. Also quite keen on her accent in her intro video. :)

Hopefully someone else will share their own experiences, but as I say, I've only heard good things regarding her.

Haven't seen her, but a few people who I trust have suggested her to me. Also quite keen on her accent in her intro video. :)

I cannot find an intro video anywhere. Do you mean one of the videos you have to pay for?

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I had a look there and you're right, there doesn't seem to be one. I could swear I remember seeing it on her page before, though. She may have taken it down, her page looks as if it's been modified in places since I last looked at it.

Hi Guys,

Took down the intro video as my accent has changed since it was first recorded... it's been a couple of years since I spent any time in the States and sadly I'm sounding more Scottish by the day, sorry Revolver!  It's not a sad thing, really, I just loved sounding more exotic ;)

I'm not comfortable with people coming to meet me specifically because they find the accent alluring only to have them disappointed that it's not as strong and I find that initial phone chats are usually such short conversations that you probably don't get much of an idea from them.

H x

It's nice to see you here, Holly. Maybe you'll find time over the holidays to record a new intro video. :D
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Holly loved you're profile and would love to meet you but too be honest you're maybe a bit out of price range at £80 for the 1/2hr.

Any special offers on the horizon for Uk Puntinging readers....... God loves a trier :yahoo:

Yeah, I agree with that. Maybe a quantity discount if lots of us see you within a week or two? You (Holly) have been on my 'love to meet' list for a while but a bit too expensive  :(

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Very honest of you, Holly, I was going to arrange a meeting with you based on your accent, so don't think I'll bother now. ;)

Only joking - if anything it has added to your appeal that you go to such efforts to make your AW page congruent with your services. :)

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