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Author Topic: Any recommendations?  (Read 418 times)

Offline kyjahaha

Hi everyone, I am actually new to this website, but not new to AW and punting.

I was trying to see one of the WGs today but turned out not many girls are actually picking up the phone, seems like its pretty

dead season around this time because of christmas.

Can any of you guys suggest me some girls for me to visit tomorrow?

My budget is flexible but prefer 60~80 GBP per 1/2 hour or 80~100 GBP per 1hour region.

I am willing to travel to SW London (preferred), Wembly area (Preferred) or Central London surrounding area.

Things I love:- DFK, Rimming giving, Fingering Ass, Oral giving, Nice looking asses


Alright then I would be much appreciated if you guys could advise me.

Offline coolfriend2580

it depends which day and what time you called, weekends and weekdays after 10pm most of them don't answer.

if you going for a punt make sure you have 4 other plan B, most of them do not play with the rules...they are not obliged to.

I can suggest anyone..depends on your taste...myb others can.

do a detailed search to get a nearly perfect match for your likings.

personally, I go for English girls, as they are trustworthy.

I don't trust most europeans.

don't rely to much on feedback, some of them are fake.

maybe the guys can give you a better advise han me   :dance:

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