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Author Topic: Parties in East London or Essex ???  (Read 1067 times)

Im going mad trying to find any greedy girl Parties in East London or Essex that host
during the afternoons in the week.
I dont mind having to travel from Essex to say within 50 miles.
Can anyone put me in the direction of any half decent host ?

Alan  :unknown:

Offline drwho

You could try Wednesday evenings LAPC at Paradise Spa, Beacontree Rd Chadwell Heath.

Cheap and cheerful at £60 for 3 hours with 10 girls.

Expect to be waiting around loads though.

Sorry - just re-read the requirement for afternoons
(This event is 8pm-11pm)
« Last Edit: December 23, 2013, 10:31:20 AM by drwho »

Well now im thinking anything at all 50 miles from Essex ???, In the afternoon ???? !!!

Alan :dash:

Offline drwho

Might as well go to LMP, but closed until 3rd Jan

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