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Author Topic: Ending on a high  (Read 718 times)

Offline lima88

Hi, Ive had a pretty successful year punt-wise, MILFS, very busty, BBWs, black girls and mixed race girls, rimming and something that was better than expected a prostate massage. So i was looking to end the year with something Ive never tried before and my 3 options are an asian/indian girl, anal or a 3some, does anyone have any suggestions for any wgs in glasgow or edinburgh? Thanks.

can i ask who you had the prostate massage with? looking to give this a go  :rolleyes:

Offline Thehun10

... does anyone have any suggestions ? Thanks.

After reading all that about black girls ... rimming .... asian/indian girl ect
My suggestion would be get to get an HIV test and get your Hepatitis B vaccinations before you try anything else.

Merry Christmas

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