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Author Topic: xxSexy Tiffanyxx  (Read 2559 times)

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Any of you chaps seen this lady before? Have been hoping to see her for a while, but she never had her number on display. She does have now.

Suspect she's younger than 21. Seems a bit neddy, but I'm liking her pictures.


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Yes, saw her over a year ago when she was blonde. Very lithe and sexy and extremely popular. Does a good striptease too. Only criticism is she is a bit 'mechanical', i.e more of a sex machine.

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Cheers, mate. Had my doubts about her authenticity for some reason, and her age, but sounds good from your comments.

I saw her a few months ago and this girl has a great body and great personality.

Does a terrific strip tease....with all the extras ........great GFE and amazing sex.

However because she is so popular she isn't to get a booking with......

That's always a dilemma. The more popular the girl, the more you will need to share. Tiffany has a spectacular body, slim and as I recall double-jointed. If you can get a booking I recommend her. Get in there before she gets ruined through over-use.

Offline Alexix

Does she give French Kissing?
I ask this because despite that she offers GFE I do not see FK in her enjoy list

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