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Author Topic: Too much gluhwein or another bllx AdultWork FR? You decide!  (Read 600 times)

Offline Taggart

Looks like it's the season of pissed puniters or total idiots.

FR posted to day on AE

Opens:   Positive - sorry had to cancel will defo re book thanks for being understanding x

Narrative: a very pivate appartmenr clean good location

Physical    Score: 10/10
wow was very sexy dresses in stocking suspenders and bask very good phewwww
her body was very sexy soft and could eat her up

Services    Score: 10/10
all service on her list and very good (too good) AT THEM

See https://www.adultwork.com/ViewFieldReport.asp?FRID=83905 for the complete rubbish.

My first reaction is WTF?  Either he cancelled or saw her. So contradictory, so clearly a report we cannot believed in.

What a tosser!

Opens:   Positive - sorry had to cancel will defo re book thanks for being understanding x

I think that bit is the feedback, I assume he cancel but rebooked, so the actual field report is for a different date

he could quite easily rebook over the phone

No it's bllx. If it were genuine it would say something like 'sorry for cancelling first time'.

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It really surprises me how many people, when filing reports, dont check the scores out of 10, which deafult to 5 for all sections.

How many cannot correctly name the place where the punted or say 'to remain discretion, not saying what happened' - so why file a report?
And those who give a great report and to the 'would you see again/reccommend' question, say 'no'.   Arrrrggghhhh.

Offline Ali Katt

A 10/10 for looks for a 37 year old that is clearly 50, clearly a minger and has chav tatts - maybe a blind punter?

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