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Author Topic: Roxane xx Birmingham  (Read 2672 times)

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Offline Stew

Had a punt with Roxane last week after I'd trousered a few quid extra in my wages from the gaffer. I went to my very tiny hotlist (normal for anyone in Worcestershire I would imagine) and after debating the merits of a jaunt up to Brum, I gave Roxane a call and I'm jolly glad I did.

https://www.adultwork.com/2019786 or https://www.adultwork.com/roxane+xx

The Comms. Good. After a quick chat she texted me her address and I was off. Her English is very good.

The Location. It was evening and dark, but even as a country bumpkin I felt ok parking on the street round the corner on the edge of Smethwick and the City centre itself even though there's plenty of parking at the flats themselves. Nice modern flats too. A final phone call and I've got the flat number and inside. Nice enough clean flat and there wasn't any evidence of anyone else being there either.

Roxane. Pretty as they come to my eyes. Cracking figure and her boobs looked enormous under the tight cocktail type dress she had on. I don't make clothing requests and I kind of enjoy trying to imagine what they'll be wearing when I meet them. Big smile on her face which is always nice and she offered me a drink. I asked for just a glass of water and after I'd handed over 100 quid she returned within seconds with a fresh bottle of water for me.

The acts of indecency. After a quick back massage, which is fine by me as my back always needs attention, I turned over and commenced hand and mouth action on her amazing big boobs. I loved them and they're real and she seemed to like having them mauled and playing with them herself which was right up my street.
Didn't want to FK me which is a pity but it's at her discretion on her profile so no argument from me.
I actually managed to get a pointy on, get him covered up, a bit of BJ action followed by cowgirl for a few tiring minutes too before I went a bit floppy. Wanked back into life to a spurting finish.

The Negs. Her mattress is a bit springy and worn out and that's about it really.

I would see her again.

6 review(s) found for roxane xx linked to in above post (4 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

do you recall street name or where about her flat is, wanna plan ahead.

Offline Stew

Offline bod666

Aw shows her as available today so as she's been on my hotlist for a while i tried ringing her this morning. Tried at 10 and 11am - both times the phone just rang out :( gave up after that. Guess she's an afternoon/evening wg. Wish they'd put what time they start work on their profile. Or at least switch the phone off if they're not going to answer. Ah well. Scratched the itch with a bit of webcamming instead and saved myself £90 so can't really complain.

It really sucks living in Worcester. Most of the time there really is nowt available.

Offline bod666

Shortly after I posted my above moan on Friday I received an e-mail from Roxanne saying she sleeps in the morning and its better to try ringing her after 12:30.  It was too late to go see her then so being cunning I dropped her a text Saturday morning. She responded 12ish saying that she could be ready at 13:00.  After standard pre-punt faff I arrived at the location. 

Being a Worcester boy and not wanting to have to mess around with the city centre of Brum I was very pleased with Roxanne's location - you turn off the main road into Brum at Bearwood so it's pretty convenient for peeps driving from the motorway.  Still needed my trusty satnav to get there but all in all pretty easy to get to, fairly safe residential area, I felt fine leaving my car parked on the pavement outside her apartment.  Buzzer entry to the hallway, up several flights of stairs and was let in. Roxanne was wearing a figure hugging dress and some ridiculous heels so she towered above little old me; once into the bed room the heels came off and she was a more sensible height.

We hadn't discussed how long a booking I wanted in the previous comms so having been burnt so many times by EE WGs I went with the half hour option (but had brought the cash to make it up to an hour if the going was good).

First impressions are that she looks as per her pics on AW, but maybe carrying a wee bit more timber around the middle - with natural breasts that large she isn't going to be a skinny wench! I gave her the cash, she asked me if I wanted a drink, toddled off to stash the cash and came back with a a bottle of water.  The room was pretty hot what with the heating and the sun coming through the window so I was glad of the water.  Clothes off and down to business. I would say that Roxanne is a little heavier than I'd normally go for, and the 10 stone quoted on her aw profile was a long time ago!!! Still she has a very pretty face, amazing large boobs, excellent english and provides a great service. And I'm more on the big boned side myself so people in glass houses and and all that... :D

Without me asking for it I got a great GFE from Roxanne, this is the first time EVER I've had a GFE from an EE WG, and she's Romanian to boot!  Rox initiated the kissing (it wasn't deep tongues or anything but it was definitely kissing!) jumped on me and in time at all my little chap was standing to attention.  Next thing I know she's whipped out some oil, has dribbled between her massive mammaries and is giving me a fantastic oily tit wank.  Oh yes - I am one happy little perv. The site of my chap poking out from between her tits as she writhed about on top of me is a happy one that will stay with me a long time. Next on with the condom, onto covered oral, delivered with aplomb, then she rode me to completion.  Fucking awesome.  I didn't hesitate to whip out the extra £40 and extend it to an hour booking.

Then had a nice chat - her English really is excellent, turns out she is taking a year off from her degree back home to come over here and earn some cash.  So she has a brain and can hold a conversation - even better :) - next round two, some more kissing and fondling to get the old chap ready for action, more covered oral and then a great missionary shag until completion.  I got the feeling she enjoyed herself too.  Particularly as she was talking about turning people away who have the money in their hand because she hadn't "clicked with them".  Makes perfect sense to me - we clicked, had a great session - will I return? Damn straight I will.

Negatives?  As Stew pointed out, the mattress is crap, and the room was too hot - but Rox kept the bottles of water coming and is a really nice, smart, friendly, attractive girl, with a great couple of assets that she knows how to use!  :cool:  She's restored my faith in eastern european girls, and she was great value for money, and really easy for me to get to.  All in all top punt.

Offline bod666

It's all thanks to you kind sir - i've been umming and ahhing about her for a while. The one bit of feedback prior to yours was so so; yours tipped me over the edge and i'm mighty glad it did! :)

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