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Author Topic: Experiences of a Novice [reasons to walk] #1  (Read 1028 times)

The experience with Aleksandra was to be my first time using an escort. I have worked overseas for some time [just back from a contract in Japan] and what with work and research pressures I had not had opportunity for female "companionship" since 2001. A good friend of mine recently died but before he died he put £200 in my hand and said "for gods sake go enjoy yourself before it gets you - it doesn't have to be a great committment."   And so.... back here I found the UKAdult Zone and looked for a "simple starter".


Aleksandra's profile looked just perfect, so I rang to make an appointment the following day and discovered that she was within easy driving distance (Stevenage). I rang once again a couple of hours prior to the meeting to obtain address, etc. She had a strong accent but that was to be part of the interest. I asked if she could povide a GFE, be nicely dressed in sexy lingerie and stockings - this she said she would be wearing something nice for me - expectations up! I called again when I was in the immediate neighbourhood [as requested] and was directed to the back entrance of a terraced house.

I was met at the door by a young lady who was wearing skimpy bra and non matching knickers and taken to a seedy front room with a bed [with towel over sheets] ,a sofa chair and low table with radio 1 playing in background - my heart sank!!

This was not Aleksandra as shown in the website photo ...or it might have been several years earlier! She was Romanian not Spanish [no problem with that but I have no Romanian and she had difficulty with English!]...

Being a novice I had brought a bottle of wine to "break the ice". She wasted time looking for a corkscrew to open the wine I had brought [although I said not to bother save it for later!]..  She did leave the room twice [once to take the offering away].... and answered her phone three times [I said please turn it off!].
She insisted on having a cigarette although I asked her not too [the site said non smoker].

She did come into my arms [nice but..] by then 25 mins of my valuable one hour experience had gone.  She said "no kissing on lips" - I thought that was to be the opening..  She the took off her bra&pants and laid on the bed and told me to take off my clothes [I did]..  I laid beside her and started carressing [expecting foreplay] She said touching OK, no finger!   Almost immediately she was putting on Gel and reaching for the condom...[after checking time on her phone!]..

I said what is the rush - to which she said "you want to f**k"..  So I did, but without any interest being shown.... and then the knock on the door.. "you finished she said"- Hardly!! So I had to finish with a quick, self w**k [half heartedly and not pleasureable at all]...

Then all hot and bothered told to leave immediately!!

It was a great disapointment. I felt that I had done my side of the arrangement, full donation up front even though it did not look like who I thought that I was seeing....

What I did not get was the GFE (not listed but she agreed!) and no lingerie, no kissing (French or otherwise), no oral, no anal, no fingering, no sensual tantric massage [her grip was hard and insensitive!].. no cum on body [just kitchen roll] and basically a very poor experience.  Had I wanted a straight f**k, I could have visited any of the back street brothels on my travels for a fraction of the money....

As a first timer was I expecting too much?!! I thought one more try..... so I found AW and Anna Morgan - and I was saved to punt again......   :yahoo:

Offline Festisio

Damn, that first punt sounds absolutely terrible.  Good job it didn't put you off totally.

Now you know about adultwork and here you can verify prossies to minimise the risk of that happening again.

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