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Author Topic: Claudia - Victoria London  (Read 1708 times)

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As part of my around the world, I had the pleasure of meeting Claudia after a recommendation on here. Coms were good, although she doesn't do talking on the phone so text only. Her texted English seemed good. We agreed a time and day and I was sent a post code. No need for an AW booking and shows her face in her pics so JRC should be happy. Flat was clean and in a nice part of London, big block of flats a few people going in and out so I didn't feel out of place. She greeted me at the door wearing the nurse outfit (don't know why, but I just love getting the girls to wear something specific if I can), peck on the cheek and we sorted out the dosh. Had a quick shower as its a 2 hour trip for me to get into London and her place, there's not a huge choice where I live hence the trip. 

After the shower I was a little disappointed that she had gotten out of the outfit as I like to help them undress (bit like opening a present :) ). A bit of kissing (Not DFK as stated by others which was a disappointment) She performed OWO which was ok, then cowgirl until I popped. Sex was better than the owo, she did seem a bit quiet as well but maybe I just wasn't her cup of tea or whatever polish people drink.

A quick chat and her English is acceptable if a bit limited. Then she gave me an ok massage which tbh was probably to slightly to reduce the chat on her part. She had a nice laugh though and she is a sweet girl. Then onto round 2 again OWO, then asked her to go to 69 and I gave her RO. She was really grinding into me and seemed to really enjoy it as she forgot what she was doing. She was a little more noisy during that, got her ontop for cowgirl and she was much more passionate the second time around and after the RO. I had about 20 minutes left, so had a quick shower and left early, I clearly wasn't going to do a 3rd in the remaining time.

OK Looks wise. There's a pic of her in her gallery that shows a bit of a belly
So I was expecting the worst. But as it turned out it was just a bad pic, she doesn't have a belly, ok not anorexic skinny but looked fine. Looks wise she is just like her pics so about 8.5 out 10 by my scoring. Only one tattoo and that's the one on her left hand.

Nice looking sweet girl
Wore what I asked for
Coms were good
Sex was passionate second time around

No DFK (basically kissing on the lips, or your tongue around her teeth that's it, that was a big negative for me)
Not very expressive to start off with

I was going to give her a marginal negative report but after the RO she was much better so overall I would say a positive and yes I will see her again, whenever I need a short notice cheap punt

https://www.adultwork.com/222802 or https://www.adultwork.com/CLAUDIA%5F%5F%5F


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1 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline intana

no dfk again.. sad .. i guess i am gonna have to put her as my last choice now

was it bad coz u left 20 minutes early plus the earlier shower you had it was probably a 35 minute punt at the most..

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Maybe my review wasn't too clear I had 15-20 minutes left of a 90 minute punt which I had extended as it was turning out better than I thought. I had a quick shower as I wasn't up to going a third time and wanted to catch my train home which I just managed to do, hence why I left early. She is worth a punt if DFK isn't a deal breaker, tbh there's plenty of girls who give a lot less service and look worse who claim but don't do dfk.


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