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Author Topic: Roberta (I think that's her name) - FCL - First Choice Leisure  (Read 944 times)

Offline dj3k

Went to see her 2 days ago, very friendly Romanian woman, mid-twenties. Very good looking, BUT when it came to sex, the usual Romanian escort problem.
It was ok, but she was a bit objectionable, it was more let's get the job over and done with.

Throughout she kept hold of the condom at the base of my cock, wouldn't let me put it all the way inside her, just about half. Kept offering a hand job to finish.
But I said I wanted to cum inside her, but when I did, whilst still holding the condom on me, and whilst cumming she quickly pulled me out of her.

So, friendly but not very good service. Disappointed as FCL are usually good with nice women and no problems before.
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Offline SirPhilipXX

Perhaps she did that because Romanian condoms are rubbish? Yet another reason to avoid WGs from that country

Offline dj3k

FCL is a massage parlour, so durex supplied I think she just no good!

Offline ledley

My experience of parlours (including fcl) is the better looking they are, the worse the service  :thumbsdown:

Offline renton69

Ah... parlours are not what they were.  Back in the old days it was not unusual to find stunning women who could represent Wales in the fuck Olympics.... then all the best looking girls went lap dancing and when the internet came along the ones who didn't mind fucking went online at £150 a pop ... or more.  And now we are left with the foreign girls and the howlers in the parlours....lol. 

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