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Author Topic: Lindy Porter  (Read 6175 times)


Hey all,

Anybody seen her? shes looks amazing... have a feeling it would be rather fucking vanilla. but I don't think she would need to try hard with her pics...

Offline pilgrim

I think theres more info on here about her, mostly positive.  She has a dozen or so PN reports.  Shes also on Northern Angels in the Leeds section.

Ive seen her myself when she toured Gla before.  Her pics and description are accurate, no probs with CIM, Kissing and Anal.  Tends to stay in a Central hotel or Apartments in the trongate area.  £180 an hour

Offline Wee Man

I had a punt with her about a year ago when she was on a Glasgow tour and she was well worth the £180. Her pics are 100% accurate. A real stunner and a great personality. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending.

Cheers for the feedback guys she looks perfect for me in regards to what you guys are saying... I can see a longer outcall going on with her. Dropped her a voicemail so maybe give her a text in the afternoon also if that fails I have jessica from EE agency that wants to hangout. But Lindy looks perfect for me, posh well spoken, great face eyes rack and a bit dirty.

Sure I can try my best to charm her in to awesome sex :)

high five

Offline Tjkooker

Not as hot as the pictures suggest and not a spring chicken. Not in the least bit Vanilla unless thats what your into. All services I wanted were fine. If she has her friend with her don't bother with the duo. Think its Abby. Was happy when she left the room to be honest and I had Lindy to myself. She just lay there and watched wasn't too keen on being touched and didn't get that involved, no g/g action either.

Lindy did Anal, deepthroat, talked dirty and really enjoyed it.
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