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Author Topic: Daisy of Milton Keynes  (Read 1012 times)

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Offline Nimrod

Temptations is cornering the market on a certain type of English girl next door. While Natalie, Pink, Joanna, Kailyn and the others -- at least those that I've seen -- are all quite distinct from one another in the particular brand of service they provide (Natalie is intense, Kailyn quiet, Joanna more full-on, etc.), what they have in common is that all offer a genuinely good experience in a "real world" way. None of the girls are hyped by heavily shopped photos on the website, none are raving beauties (though all are without doubt attractive), and none are "phony" in the way that so many WGs are. In short, if you like natural girls in a friendly environment who seem happy in their work and provide a consistently good experience, in my view Temptations is now MK's "go-to" punting venue.

So, to Daisy. She's late teens or possibly very early 20s and, as noted above, in the main what you see on the website is what you get. She's got a pretty face, a bit of puppy fat, nice B-cup (not enormous) boobs...she's just a girl next door. And all the better for that. If you saw her on the street you probably wouldn't turn your head and you absolutely wouldn't say "no" either. What she has in spades, though, and far more important too, is personality. She's smiley, friendly, easy going, sexy and she really not only provides a very interactive service but one that really stands out in a world where frankly, a punt that makes you feel like you've had a genuinely good time (as opposed to a punt where you've simply managed to relieve yourself of a load) is an increasing rarity. What we did was straightforward enough (69, sex, OWO, snogging) and was what I wanted...the real point is that the services were provided in a really fantastic, enjoyable way.

I could not recommend Daisy, or Temptations, more highly. Other MK agencies are hit and miss but I have yet to have an indifferent punt at this place. As for Daisy, I will be back.

Hmm, just had a look at their website and there are some nice girls shown - and reasonable prices too.  Thanks for posting this positive review.  I think I might be making a trip via MK in the near future.

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