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Author Topic: street girls  (Read 8618 times)

Offline renton69

It was a bit of a buzz back in the days before the police state kicked in completely.  The bastards have eyes everywhere now.. George Orwell would recognise 21st century Britain...

I think the idea of picking a girl up.off the street is more diety and sordid it turns some people on there's plenty of night walkers in Newport cardiff Swansea just got to know the right places cardiff is well known and already been stated where Newport is down pill the main street basically if your car can handle the speed bumps but most of them are drug addicts with no teeth you might get lucky and find a nice one just starting . The prices they charge is not set in stone after all they're just looking for a quick fix

Offline newforthisyear

This is the second time today I've seen the act of forum necromancy... :diablo:
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