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Author Topic: Anyone seen sophiemay1?  (Read 965 times)


Not much feedback, wondering if anyone has something on her.

Good job, thanks for the help! Staying clear.

This reply is a bit late as she's disappeared from Adultwork now  - saying that she's had at least 3 profiles this month so may well be back under a new name.
I saw her last week - definately not the girl in the photo with the pink undies on but she is very attractive, nice body and a lovely, almost shy manner. I wanted a specific service which I'd rather not go into but had no complaints about her attitude or ability and would definately see her again if she reappears.
I'm not 100% certain but I suspect she may have worked in Eston over the Summer as there was a girl there whos' photos I seem to remember were very similar.
So she's worth seeing if she reappears but there's something going on, the disappearing profiles are very strange.

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