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This took place last month FYI

Link: or

Location: A flat in Bury, not hugely familiar with the area but it was easy to locate, just near a car dealership on a bus route so fairly easy to get to via car/bus/taxi.

Looks: Her pics were accurate, slimmish with small boobs and a nice smile, was very happy.

Service: A chatty WG, and I found myself chatting to her for the first 20m of my hour long session which I don't mind as I went for the GFE - plenty of DFK, playing with her nipples and then on to OWO, a decent blowjob fairly deep with a bit of gagging, slow and sensual as requested intermixing with a HJ to finish with a huge load all over the show as it was a bit of an edging session and I had been edging all day anyway.  FS was on offer and we did a little bit but oral was the main interest.

Shower wasn't offered or requested, had one prior to travel anyway.

Overall: A good girl, would have no issues seeing again, and would likely book a longer 2hr session for FS!

10 review(s) found for SEX KITTEN SOPHIA linked to in above post (9 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)