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Author Topic: Anyone seen Georgina0707 in Southend?  (Read 702 times)

Hi guys,  has anyone seen this lovely lady?  Plenty of good FB on AW


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Offline sxman

I saw her a few months back when she was doing an offer on half hour, quite fit for her age, she has had surgery on her left breast which didn't bother me and I didn't ask why.

Location discreet and safe enough, she was very willing but I was not blown away.

All in all it was a nice punt but I must admit I have not rushed back but at £90 an hour probably good vfm, but £65 for half hour I believe is slightly over priced and probably better vfm out there even in the southend area.

Went to see her on Sunday, wish I hadn't.  OK for her age, but I got ushered to leave after about 30 minutes.  Avoid.  Will be putting a negative review on here, and left negative on AW

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