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Okay firstly i should point out that i should, and indeed do know better!

None of the girls on my shortlist were available and one brain overuled the other.

Anyway trawled AW, found EnglshTammy (can't find her profile on there now, i wonder why?,,,,)

Phoned and spoke to her, arranged an outcall to my hotel for 8pm, asked her to wear stockings and suspenders (no problem).
She asked me to txt the address and room number which i did along with a note to say ring when you are downstairs so i can be ready to open the door.

About 7:50pm there was a knock at the door, looked thru the spyhole and there she was, bad start imo cause i might not have been ready if you know what  mean.
Opened the door to let her in and to my surprise her 'friend' (short fat blond troll late 30's) who must have been standing to the side followed her in!
"I thought i'd come along and we could have a threesome!" she announced. Er no not my thing, i replied "It's only another £20 and i'll give you a bit of oral" she says. No thanks says i, i'd prefer if you waited in the bar (you'd have to have paid me to f@*k her!)
Okay says the friend lets sort the money out then, £110 says i, no £120 says the friend!
Stupidly i handed the money over and she had the good grace to bog off.

So i say to Tammy i've prepared a list of things i would like us to do based on ur profile, she reads down the list......i don't do that.....i don't do that and so on.
Fine (see how this is going?) okay lets start with a lapdance, i'd like you to play with urself then we'll get down to it says i.
Okay she says, lying on the bed fully clothed.
I sit on the sofa in a towel, waiting...... well how about that lapdance? Oh okay she says (stands up dressed like she's been to the benefits office and takes of her top to reveal a bra and her leggings, no knickers stockings or suspenders) she walks round to me, i  can't danceshe says just standing there in front of me.
She dives her hand under the towel and proceeds to tug me full bore. Now i've had this kind of punt before, where a girl trys to get it all over in the first five mins so i say woah there slow down.
The lapdance is going nowhere so we get on the bed, she's sill trying to tug me at every opportunity and i keep saying stop. Lie there and play with urself a bit i say trying to salvage something from the meeting. Waste of time, i've seen more animated corpses. So i go down on her, at least she is clean. Take ur bra off i ask, and she does, nice tits, enhanced but to feel them you would never know, she rather spoils the moment by stating hat her right nipple has no feeling since the op (do i need to know this?)
How about some oral? She insists on the condom (OWO is on her profile) and proceeds, yes you've guessed it, to tug me and eventually slip it in her mouth. Now i'm not giving up so i say come on then how about some doggy? Missionary first she insists, so on we go, after a while i ask for doggy again, two strokes and she says Oh no it hurts, your too big (trust me i'd luv it if that were true!) So back to missionary and i think lets get this over with, approaching the vinegar stroke i ask her to grab my balls and give um a squeeze, which to my surprise she actually does!
Anyway, i finish and she says That's a new one, no one ever asked me to do that before! Which surprises me (maybe i really am a freak?)
She gets dressed and leaves after roughly 20mins in my room and i will admit i am glad to see the back of her!
Oh yes i almost forgot, she was chewing gum throughout.

If her profile reappears on AW i will post a link here, i just wish girls like this would p*$s off and stop gving the good ones a bad name.

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It's the same person - I've NO idea why she keeps bringing the "ogre" in ...

Offline omoc

Yes, that's the one. Now I feel worse, I thought I'd done my research DAMN! I wish there was a way to stop these sort of scanners ruining our fun.

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