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Author Topic: Daisy  (Read 1552 times)

Offline DL288

I once had a great experience with a Scottish sauna girl called Daisy at BSS. Blonde buxom girl. Does anyone know if she is still working and, if so, where.

Offline bepi

As far as I know Daisy is still at BSS

yes, daisy is still at BSS.

Never actually been with her, but been tempted.

What is she like in the room ?  :unknown:

Offline DL288

Anyone been with her recently?

Offline jambogaz

I met her earlier last year, my first time in BSS.  It was a really good time, there were some really nice looking girls in reception, 5 or 6 plus Daisy but I recognised her name from reviews/reputation etc, so just had to pick her, although there were younger/hotter girls on offer. 

Daisy is so down to earth, felt like we had known each other for years.  She was pretty attractive, good figure, quite girl-next-door-that-you'd-want-to-f*ck looking, but hotter! 

She was a great kisser upstairs & downstairs, and was one of my favourite punts of the year.  I tried to extend the booking which she was up for but some B****** had booked her whilst I was in the room with her, so only got the half hour  :angry: but what a half hour!    :D

Positive review from me then.

Offline Thehun10

Daisy is Heidy’s ugly sister.
I can’t see the attraction myself.

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