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Author Topic: Best big tits at the moment?  (Read 2316 times)

Offline htc430

Haven't been in London for ages so haven't been keeping up with things. Are there any girls with incredible natural racks? Preferably under 120 and nearer north west.

Offline mrhappypants

Lack of replies maybe because there is an old scrubber with big boobs who posts this exact same enquiry in an attempt to drum up business.  Got called last time she did it here as I recall.

Have a good one.


Offline lerotic

Balls, i was watching this thread for the same suggestions!

Offline htc430

Yeah I was hoping there'd be at least a few suggestions, the adult work reviews usually don't tell the whole story.

Offline firemansam

busty kim or horny lucy are both worth a visit for their tits!

There used to be a girl on AW called Amelia i never saw her and she disappeared but she had an awesome looking rack. Best I've seen on there.

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