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Author Topic: Can this be the AdultWork hottest MILF in London  (Read 12986 times)

Offline intana

man she is a dynamite.. has anyone seen her?

really expensive though

https://www.adultwork.com/987245 or https://www.adultwork.com/Lady+Bethany

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Offline Festisio

I have certainly not seen a hotter MILF on AW so well done on that.  I'd have a go if at £150 but £250 is way too much.

She even looks tasty in her verification photo.

Offline eldritch

Yes, I've seen her. Two hours for £350 is usually out of my price range, but based on her looks I treated myself for my birthday.

She works from her own tidy home on an unremarkable residential street. Discreet but pretty remote if you're used to central London. If you're travelling via via public transport I'd suggest the overground from from Liverpool St to Enfield Town, 30 mins, then a bus which is around 10-15 mins. Her place is a short 2-3 min walk from the bus stop.

She's easily as pretty if not more so than her pics. There's no photoshop or retouching on her gallery pics. She's an amateur model and is beautiful facially with a really trim and fit figure, great perky natural breasts, slim legs and a perky arse. She reminded me of Goldie Hawn / Jo Wood in their prime, so if you like that kind of look you won't be disappointed. Very pretty/girly with MILF appeal.

The room in the background of her verification pic is her bedroom which features a large mirrored wardrobe - Beth likes to watch herself whilst she's sucking your cock and being fucked. Very much a nice girl with a naughty streak.

All services on her profile were delivered with enthusiasm and energy. She's really chatty but also knows when it's time to get down to business, so you do feel like you get to know her a bit. She's an interesting talker and pays attention to what you're saying too.

The sex was great and she really seems to get into it herself - she doesn't take many bookings and doesn't have a boyfriend or husband, as far as she told me her clients are the only sex she gets so she makes sure she enjoys it.

She dresses sexy and has a great collection of lingerie which she looks amazing in - important to me as W/G's usual attire is usually tacky and cheap. Beth makes an effort and had me hard before we'd even touched.

From memory (this punt was about a year ago) we did uncovered oral both ways in 69 position finishing in CIM, lots of sensual foreplay and French kissing, sex in a few positions on her bed mostly with Beth in cowgirl.

No issues in popping more than once, first time in 69 position I blew at least two week's worth in her mouth, second and third times in cowgirl and doggy.

Only negatives for me are the high price of seeing her and her relatively vanilla services - nothing fetishy or even mild BDSM related on offer, no anal either. I would love to give her a thorough hand spanking followed by A levels. Can't have it all I guess. Apart from that if you can afford it and like the look of her, I'd recommend a visit without question.

Offline eldritch

From her old PG that I saved:

Edit: I don't think that technically Beth is a MILF - I know what you mean but I didn't see any evidence of stretch marks, saggy tits etc.
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Offline intana

i dont think she looks like a milf either but she states her age is slightly older than her profile age which is 39!! she might be in her early 40's but damn she is hot..

i agree for 350 i would go for the anal option available in london

Damn she hot, and she does tick all my boxes that I go for looking in a WG.

Hmm she only sees people with three 3 positive feedback for safety reasons, I'm one short of that so I guess I have see another WG that does feed back to see her.

Good find  :thumbsup:

Offline Jason

The amount of £250 per hour is not justifiable by her looks in any thinkable way. At this price you can see the best young pornstars and models (also offering superb service).

But talking about MILFs the only one that I personally saw (as I am not interested into MILFs) and I can recommend is pornstar Jenna Cruz. Her real age is about 40 but she looks much younger (like 30). This is her new AW profile: https://www.adultwork.com/2263400
She has increased, however, her prices though since the time I met her (back in May 2013). She used to charge 1h £150 and 2h £200 (yes only £200 for 2 hours).

You can find some free porn videos of her. Here is a recent one:

1 review(s) found for jenna cruz linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)


Yes Jenna Cruz was def a good session - Good looking MILF BUT not 29 - More in the region of between 36-40 - Also saw her in N11  nice flat in N11 near Arnos Grove/Bounds Green station. Price i had was £200 for 2 hours which was good value.- Great BIG tits and a good decent size +10/12 - forget the photo shopped pics that show her a skinny size 8 - she is NOT skinny unless she has lost 2/3 stone in the last 6-9 months.

Offline blue

She must be off her rocker if she thinks people in and around Enfield can afford £150 for 30 minutes  .................... West End prices in North London  :dash:

Offline intana

the pic of her in black undies i would probably pay 180-200 pounds for her but the on in the light blue she kinda looks old but hot..

i might justgo for her.. never been with a hot milf before .. if i cant see madlin moom or tamara grace i would probably go for her

Offline Qwerty69

Anyone seen her recently. She looks good. First milf punt for more a less a novice. Plus her pics look good.

She's great met her a few months ago, really friendly, nice bedroom, great in the sack you won't regret it.

All this bs about getting the "young porn stars" who cares mate people looking at her want a milf its a different experience.

Offline Qwerty69

Thanks very much for the response. Also I've just read your review on her. I'm going to book her for my first official punt.

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