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Author Topic: 2 polish girls in Turnpike Lane and probably fake , anyone ?  (Read 1012 times)



from the those pic I think both are same person

if anyone meet them b4 let me know  :hi:

4 review(s) found for ROXSANA XX69 linked to in above post (1 positive, 2 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Steve2

Looks like the same girl and both profiles registered on 20/4/2013

And google hits on the pics

Offline eldritch

Another north London EE fake. Lots of GRIS results for both of the girls:



Can't find a name for either of the girls but I'd guess that it's highly unlikely that either of them are available to fuck inTurnpike Lane for £100, sadly.

They are indeed both fake. I've been to the flat on Lordship Lane (closer to wood green than turnpike lane) and it is a dump with a door that doesn't even sit on the hinges properly.

Met 'Roxsana'…  not particularly attractive. Pale, square-jawed, clearly had a kid, and very little English. Clarified services, and she just nodded her head for everything.

Decided to stay 30 mins. Anal, rough owo, dfk, fingering, finished in her mouth/face/tits. Very submissive and took it up the ass no problem. I rate it negative- fake pics, unattractive girl, flat is a dump.

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