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Author Topic: WG in the appartment next door  (Read 1900 times)

surely if a girl is renting a nice safe place for a sensible rent then she wouldn't rock the boat by drawing too much attention to it .

Offline Daffodil

I personally would imagine that a landlord, in general, wouldn't be happy with a WG in their property (not to say that there are not exceptions). Unless they're getting something 'extra' out of it... ;)
I think that perhaps the lay perception of a WG remains less than favourable and are probably still associated with drugs, trafficking and crime in general.
Regardless, it is of no concern to me how she treats the property. I am not her landlord and have no interest in her four walls. My concern is the constant coming and going, both in terms of noise and security.
The lift is always going and doors are always banging. Punters, as an observation, do seem to be quite keen whistlers! Especially post punt.
There are three 'landlords' associated with the appartment...the holiday letting company who deal with it day-to-day, the actual owner and the complex manager. I would imagine at least one of these would have concerns so I think I may drop them a line if activity doesn't cease soon.

Unless the comings & goings are happening all day & night it really wouldn't bother me.  I used to live in an apartment where my neighbours included students & couples with young kids.  These caused far more aggro with regards to unwanted noise, especially at night.

How do you know that the lifts & the doors banging are anything to do with her customers?  Could be anyone surely.

Offline oconnor

About four years ago, the apartment block where I live had girls working from a ground floor flat right next to the entrance. They would buzz anyone in regardless of whether they were visiting them or not. It resulted in flats in the upper floors being burgled.
I believe they were given notice to quit.  Since then we have had no problems at all apart from the downstairs car park where people 'rent' out the visitor spaces to working girls from the next block of flats lower down the road, by selling them the console which opens the electric doors.
When I have a visitor there is never a space for their car.  It pisses me off.  I pay £1800 per year in service charges, and expect to be able to take advantage of all those services.  I have seen one girl get out of her car and run out of the car park to the flats lower down the road.
No wonder they get moved on all the time.  if this is how they operate, than how on earth do they work 'in the room'?

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