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Seen 6th February 2018.

Contacted her via email on AW. Comms were good and the directions to her place accurate.

This took some organising. It took at least three attempts to get a booking - our availabilities never seemed to align. I was hesitant about seeing Sophia; while she has good reviews I find the info on AW to be quite OTT BS to the extent that the entry looks fake. Curiosity eventually got the better of me.

Sophia is located near Bury Golf Course, in the outer reaches of Manchester. She emailed me the address and instructions well beforehand (the email also being OTT - I doubt she writes these herself... :-/ ) and I had no trouble finding her place.

I booked for half an hour (£80) on the initial visit which is what I normally do if it's someone I haven't seen before.

She is in a fairly modern block of half a dozen flats. On being buzzed in she met me at the door dressed fairly normally. Her pictures on AW are accurate. She doesn't show her face on AW but she's quite pretty and certainly my preferred type. An interesting combination of Canadian and British accents - well spoken and intelligent.

She was quite enthiusiastic and I had a lot of fun - as usual for me GFE of the PV variety. She does offer A levels but not on a first visit. I had fun lifting her up against the closet and fucking her that way - she gave me an amazed look as I came inside her which was itself a real turn-on.

I wouldn't mind seeing her again but at £140 for an hour it's well outside my price range - especially given the large distance from me. 80/120 is my absolute limit these days and I much prefer the 60/100 that many of the Polish girls now offer.

I'm giving Sophia a Positive, although for the reasons given above I probably won't revisit - we'll see.

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Offline jonko

She looks really hot, would normally love to see a girl like that but the fact she doesn't allow oral on her self is a no go for me unfortunately. I mean, not being able to lick that girl's pussy would drive me crazy - i just love it on slim tight girls like that. It's a real pity or I would be round there next time I got. Thanks for the review.