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Author Topic: Lisa Angel Luton.  (Read 864 times)

I'm looking for a girl who gushes in the south east and Lisa Angel seems to have a lot of positive FB on AW, and states she is a gusher. Has anyone here seen her?

www.adultwork.com/Lisa+Angel www.adultwork.com/1788084

Offline aspire

Be careful looking at this image she could be a barebacker

Offline Simplysimon

Have not met , but if she is anything like her former duo partner (no longer on AW) then I'd say go for it , much of her feedback is from people who have also seen some of the ladies I've seen so appears genuine .

When she was working with and out of the flat of her friend condoms were most certainly insisted on , as was a shower prior to any fun (even if you arrived squeaky clean as I do)

Offline unclepokey

The picture is of Lisa in Bedford and she certainly insists on condoms
She is a gusher and horny beyond belief.

The AW page says she is retiring. I thought this might be a ruse to get a bit more business in at Xmas time but a reliable friend of mine says there is reason to believe she is being truthful.

Hope this helps

Uncle Pokey

Offline happyharry

Yes, agree 100% with "pokey"

She insists that you use her shower beforehand, penetrative sex is always with a condom. At least that's what I, and a couple of mates, have always found.

She is very energetic and totally unshockable

I understand that she is retiring as she is now in a relationship. Be interesting to see if the lucky (?) fellow can keep her satisfied. I'd wager £10 that she'll be back within 6 months.

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