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Author Topic: Anita xx (Worcester!) - mostly positive verging on neutral  (Read 2182 times)

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Offline bod666

 https://www.adultwork.com/2218813 or https://www.adultwork.com/+Anita+xx

I'm quite proud of myself with this one - for half an hour she's £60, but only £90 for an hour - now I love a bargain - so I was umming and ahing about whether to go for the full hour or just 30 mins.  I rang and she answered, confirmed that she is indeed in Worcester (which as most readers should be aware - is not in Warwickshire as her profile location states - sigh).  Anyway she said she was available straight away but she neglected to ask how long I wanted so I didn't say.  I asked her whether she kissed and she said she did.  Her profile pics are very nice - cute petite blonde, and a bit classy with the black and white ones - but you can see some tatoos so I wasn't kidding myself about how she was likely to look. 

The reason I was proud of myself was I got £90 out - but put £60 in my right hand jeans pocket, and £30 in the other.  I figured I'd see how she looked when I got there and see whether I thought it was worth extending.  Found the place and I was very happy as it was a residential area near where I used to live.  I always love wandering around and just wondering how many of the houses I drive past may have WGs in and be up to illicit activities.  Gave me a real kick to go to an area I used to wander round and know that there really was illicit activity happening!  Marvellous.

When I got to the address I had to ring to make sure I had the right place as it just looked like a normal house, xmas tree in the window, etc., but it was the right place so I rang the door bell and it eventually answered.  You know you're at the right place when you only see the flash of the girl's hair as she hides behind the door and tells you to "come in".

So Anita is a cute, petite, early 20s Polish chick, she's got some funky white and purple highlighted hair going on, greeted me in nice lingerie and generally looked nice - not as nice as the pics on AW suggest though (what a surprise).  I'd say she was a 6 or 7 out of 10?  Nice figure, perky little breasts, cute arse and an ok face.  She's definitely cute rather than pretty.

I went for the 30 mins as I had the feeling I was in for a standard EE "personal service" experience rather than the GFE that I love.  I don't think I've ever had a GFE from an EE WG which has put me off them somewhat but when the horn has you in it's grip and the girl is a short drive away from home then I can't help myself and a 30 min punt seems reasonable.

When asking me how long I wanted Anita did offer me a two girl experience with her friend joining us - until this point I didn't realise there was someone else in the house! Now if I'd seen her friend I might have gone for it but as it was I didn't have enough cash on me and wasn't up for a surprise monster joining in on the action.

So paperwork out the way it was kit off and onto the bed; she asked me if I wanted a blow job with or without the condom (as it was optional I went for OWO).  Now personally I prefer my punts to start off with some kissing and touching clothed and then unclothed - this normally has me hard straight off the bat.  But going straight into the BJ my little chap struggled initially to rise to the occasion.  It did give me plenty of chance to caress her breasts and touch her pussy.  And pleasant surprise she was starting to get wet and seemed to enjoy the attention.

Then it was on with the rubber and sex with her on top - it was nice but it was fairly standard EE WG fair - not much of a facial expression, eyes closed, no kissing, not much passion - but still it was a nice view and a very pleasant tight ride; at her urging we then moved to doggy - which she really did enjoy; which got me a bit too excited and pop goes the weasel.

Cleaned myself up and then she offered me a massage.  I don't normally go in for them but I figured a second round wasn't in the offing so went for it.  And it was really good! She gave my back and shoulders a really good massage - and it was a very pleasant way to end the session.

Bit of chat throughout but considering she's been in England for 5 years her English was ok but not brilliant.  Enough to get by though.

And that was it.  An ok shag, about par for what I expect from EE WGs then finishing off with a nice relaxing massage.  And then the best was that the house was just round the corner from tescos so I went and had a quick shop there with a happy smile on my face about what I'd just got up to and how close a "den of iniquity" was to tesco!  :cool:

Anita said she may be there for a month or just the weekend - doubt if I'll go back as I really do prefer a GFE over the bordering on passionless shags with EE girls.  I got to see her friend on the way out, I think I've seen her profile on AW before, Eliza maybe?  Dyed red head.  Looked ok but I'd decided against her when looking at her AW profile before (no reason other than not to my taste).

A minor interesting side note is that the house had mirrors going up the wall of the stairs - and I've seen those mirrors and that stairs on several WGs profiles that occasionally wash up in Worcester.  So now I know where it is and that they're genuine WGs.  I may go again to see a different girl if they take my fancy - it's such a rarity to have WGs a 10 min drive away from my house!

1 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline dilettante

Thanks for excellent review, bod, which had me chuckling out loud - funny how with a lot of AW FRs you think, "Why did you bother, there was no need to write one" but others are gripping from start to finish.  As this is my own stomping ground I might give her serious consideration, though the photos are clearly shopped.  Maybe the mirrors up the stairwell are 2-way, a pimp behind every one sizing you up?  :scare:

Offline bod666

Cheers chap - Glad you liked it!  :thumbsup:

I certainly hope there wasnt a pimp behind the mirrors! Eep!
I think that address in st peters is a little ee ho hole so its worth remembering as it sure beats driving up to birmingham or down to nam!

Offline mystery7

Is she near the centre of Worcester? Might have to get on this, she looks hot :cool:
Banning reason: Abusive + Obsessing over prossie

Offline bod666

She's in the St Peters part of Worcester - in suburbia :)

The pics on her aw profile are very flattering! She does have a nice figure though.

Offline Stew

Well this is all a bit odd.

Your original link points to a lass now calling herself Amberxx in Somerset so she's changed her name and gone on a tour or relocated.

But there's another profile using the name SEXY ANITA XX with some of the pics based in Redditch not a million miles from Worcester > https://www.adultwork.com/2240819 or https://www.adultwork.com/+SEXY+ANITA+XX

Offline bod666

That's definitely the girl i saw. However i do remember her saying something about going back to Poland for Xmas so that explains why she's vanished.
I think Anita's profile has been co-opted by a different ee wg. I don't approve as the feedback on the profile could relate to anyone.:(

Offline Stew

Both Amber and Anita's profiles have gone now.

Offline saf1976

I was interested in one of these girls last week when she was in Coventry but she didn't reply to my text. She had long dark hair with fake boobs. I did notice on her profile though that it stated she had blond hair, but just assumed it was an EE copying the text directly off another profile to save them typing pigeon English.

1 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

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