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Author Topic: Stunning Bellaaa  (Read 1384 times)

www.adultwork.com/stunning+bellaaa www.adultwork.com/2086681

Anyone seen this girl? The few pictures on her profile suggests Bella has a cracking body. Just want to know if her service matches her figure!

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Offline RonB1083

Rubbish, dont visit her. i had visited her like three weeks back, totally forgotten to put up a negative review. Waste of money and time. I just wasted my money on her.

Messaged her if she provided DFK, she said yes. After I hand over the money, she comes back and only kisses on the lip and then goes on to say ' This is kissing honey, some girls dont even let you kiss their lips ' WTF ???

Through out the session no matter which position I went on with her, she had a hand on my dick, so that I cant go fully in. And kept complaining too big too big. Rubbish.

And when I reached the station, I called her no answer. She decided to ring me back after 10-15 mins saying where are you. And then guided me to her place. My time had started from there and then. So I had  only spent about 15 mins with her out of my half and hour booking and rest had gone into finding her place.

I dont think there are any decent British girls around. Majority by the reports here in UKP has a problem.

Offline Jimmyredcab

I dont think there are any decent British girls around. Majority by the reports here in UKP has a problem.

Her profile states that she is Italian.   :unknown:

Sorry, British Italian ------- whatever that means.
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Offline RonB1083

She had a full on British Accent. And i didnt bother finding out what she was, after the way it all had started off.

I should say that I did send Bella a text to confirm her services a couple of weeks ago, and she replied saying that she did not wish to send any further texts about services that she provided when she has confirmed what she does on her profile, and that I should call her (presumably to be persuaded to make an appointment). The way she worded her text was curt to the point of being rude, and so I didn't reply. However there was this nagging feeling whether I should have gone through with making a booking, but thought I would get feedback from you guys first. So glad I asked, but sorry to Ron (and others) who ended up wasting time and money.

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