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Author Topic: Oldest Ever Seen ?  (Read 680 times)

Offline MrBamboo

I do enjoy a MILF experience sometimes but would have to draw the line here !!!!  :scare: :lol: :lol:

Must have created profile before cameras were invented - just as well because I'm guessing there would be hours of Photoshop necessary  :crazy:

Offline CoolTiger

If a girl deliberately leaves the DoB Entry field blank, the AW software calculates it as 01-01-1900, hence age is shown as 113 years old.

There loads of profiles showing girls who are 113yrs old!!!

Offline aardvark

So she will swallow your man juice, will shit on you (or vice versa) ............ but she doesn't shag.  What a load of hardsports!!!

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