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Author Topic: JessicaIrishJezebel (Advice)  (Read 8226 times)

Offline Akerso

Has anyone come across the lady in their travels?

https://www.adultwork.com/1756880 or https://www.adultwork.com/JessicaIrishJezebel

She looks great but i'd rather go on advice from here on in.

Any help always appreciated!

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Offline Kaffeine Monsta

I gave her it up the bum ages ago. She lives in the Stockbridge area of Edinburgh, mate!  :cool:

Offline Akerso

Thanks for the reply mate, was she any good? are her pics accurate? any owo dfk?

Is it just me or is the profile gone now? She looked good too  :(

Offline Akerso

Its gone mate, i sent her a message yesterday about availability and what she included in her price to which she replied today with
"Just call or text, I charge extra 20 for a levels" but when i tried to view her profile i got the following message:

The following problem(s) were detected:

    Sorry, this profile cannot be accessed at this time. It is most likely that it has been suspended due to suspicion of it's authenticity.

So i don't think i will bother!

Offline Kaffeine Monsta

That's too bad. She is still listed with a somewhat minimalistic favourites list on Escort Scotland, if you go look in the Edinburgh section.

Cheers Kaffeine, was she good looking? Are the pictures accurate? Good fuck?

Offline Hibernian

Pretty sure she was Phoebe at LSS some years ago - before that she worked in the pubic triangle lapdancing

If she called herself the Belfast belle, she is worth a visit, she comes and goes.

Offline Akerso

Thanks for all the comment's lads, it seems her profile is back now and it says Available Today, she sent me an email with her number so i just replied to see about tomorrow i think she's worth a try!

Offline Akerso

She told me she will be in Glasgow tomorrow if anyone is interested?

Offline SamScott

I think she's had a sex change guys! I seen her a while back and it didn't stack up. Pussy was loose as hell and seemed a bit strange. Fake tits too....

Always been in my head that she may of been a TGirl

Defintely not a TGIRL, really lovely girl who also strips and does this on a casual basis, very good in the room and takes it up the arse with aplomb!

ive had her myself a couple of years ago, just for the anal experience as i heard she was good, she took it up the arse well!
i paid £90 for half hour

Offline IrishJezebel

  • Service Provider
  • Posts: 3
Hello there! I hope no-one minds if I come on to comment, I guess this is an open forum so as the official owner of the anatomy that is being publicly discussed on here I guess my comment is as valid as anyone else's. :-)
I was first alerted to this thread about a year ago and I must admit it's a very strange experience indeed to see oneself being discussed in this manner but this is the profession I chose and I suppose I have to deal with this side of it.
It was shocking tho, I must admit as I genuinely really enjoy my profession and I have had many wonderful encounters
with decent human beings who are polite, respectful and treat me as their equal;
so to see comments like, "yeh she took it well up the bum" or discussing my address publicly on here was actually a really shocking experience and a little scary if I'm honest but I will move on and address the real issue here, which is my gender and the tightness of my vagina.
Today I had a client send me a link to this thread and asked me to comment; I really don't want to have to deal with questions like that, it did ruin my day a little so if it's ok with everyone I will respond on here once and for all and thank you in advance for taking the time to read what I have to say.

I will start with addressing the tightness of my vagina first of all, even tho you would think if I was going to go through the expense and agony of a surgical procedure like a sex change I would make sure I'd be getting a nice, tight cunt at the end of it but I'll take the trouble to respond anyway even tho it feels pretty bizarre to me.
I read some other reviews written by the person who sadly had a negative experience in my company and it seems he does favour very young girls. I am no 18 year old virgin, I'll definitely grant you that. I was also a little disturbed to read in one of his reviews that he was fucking someone while their kid was next door.
I have no wish to come on here and slag anyone off, but surely anyone with a shred of decency or intelligence would immediately leave and contact social services?
He didn't seem to have any shame when he proudly boasted that he pretended he hadn't cum so he could get more out of a girl;
surely it is clear that anyone with a "titter of wit" as we say in Ireland would see this wretched cretin for what he is and not take him seriously, yet I have had to come on here to defend the slackness of my cunt.
 I am far too ladylike to discuss the size of anyone's anatomy publicly so I will simply state that we all come in different shapes and sizes and I will not make any reference to penis size, although it is a little telling that he favours very young girls.
I have had many very positive reviews, and many positive responses to my vagina but I guess as in all areas of life some people just don't fit well together.
It's sad that someone feels the need to come on here and say abusive things about a person, and yes it really did hurt my feelings.
As a sex worker, I have had many experiences dealing with gentlemen with a lot of insecurities around sex and I have to say that thankfully sex is something that all of us can enjoy whatever our age, our shape or our size; I genuinely think sex is a wonderful positive experience for everyone, I personally love it, I consider myself an extremely sexual lady who is very confident in the sack so I have tried not to pay too much attention to this view.
Although I must admit, it did affect me. I am only human.
As I said, i am no 18 year old. I hate the term MILF but I guess that's where I would be categorised.
Moving on to my gender.
I can confirm that I am a female, I was born a female, I menstruate (sadly), I will not state on here on whether or not I have given birth to any children. Yes, my tits are fake. Although I think they are a fantastic job and I'm very happy with them.
If I were a Transgender I would proudly advertise my services in the TV category that is optional for service providers.
A friend of mine accidentally displayed her services in this category and her phone rang off the hook so there would really be no financial advantage in pretending to be a female when I am a transgender.

That's all I have to say, thank you for taking the time to read and have a wonderful day, everyone :-)
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Offline JJM

Well done for coming on and setting the record straight ;)

You should be flattered with some of the comments on your bum taking prowess?

That's the sort of thing that would get you business where one wants to take the dirt track.

As for discussing your address publicly, did you mean just by someone saying in Stockbridge Area, if so hardly pin points you exactly and anyone looking on here would look at AW etc to contact and get an address should they want to?

Jessica, Having taken the time to read through your post I have a few comments;
1.   Just wondered why having been aware of the post of just over a year ago you have only now chosen to post a response. Was the client today a newie or regular and do you think this post lost you business?
2.   That twat Kaffeine Monsta who only gave your location was finally banned after being previously chastened by many UKP members from an early stage of his posting just annoyed everyone punter & prossie alike.
3.   SamScott’s assertion that you may be a TS may indeed be well wide of the mark but it is his opinion even (if he has a small tiddly dick and appears only like young tight lassies) it’s called freedom of speech just as others have been more positive about you.
4.   You dislike comments like “takes it up the arse with aplomb!” and “she took it up the arse well!” HOWEVER this is a punters site and that’s what most of us want to hear especially if that’s a specific service any punter is looking for.
Anyway thanks for your post and hopefully you feel better for setting down your response. I’m sure if any others posters on the thread from last year read your reply you may get further feedback.

Offline IrishJezebel

  • Service Provider
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I promised myself I wouldn't come back on here and get drawn into a discussion but what the hell.

You clearly have not taken the time to read through my post otherwise you would not need to ask me these questions as the answers are already within the text but i will answer them anyway.
I did not respond a year ago because as I said, I didn't think anyone would take this person seriously.
I also didn't think an idiot on the internet was worth getting annoyed about, there are millions of them and frankly I guess I just couldn't be arsed.
Someone referred to it today, and yes they were new.
If they had been with me before they would definitely not be doubting that I am all woman.

Thank you for reminding me that we have freedom of speech, it's been a rather topical issue of late and I am well aware of it.
I am thankful that we live in a country where SamScott is able to express his opinion.
I am quite sure tho, that my gender is not a matter of opinion, it is actually a matter of fact which is why I came on to correct him.

I did not state that I disliked comments about giving me one up the bum. I said I found it quite shocking. Then I went on to say that as this is my chosen profession I can deal with it.
 I am aware that this is a punting website but I have just never thought about this side of it before to be honest and it was a little shocking. I still haven't really got used to what goes on privately behind closed doors between two people being discussed on the internet but maybe I'm just an old fuddy.
They're only my most intimate bodyparts after all so go right ahead.
Perhaps it was remiss of me to not consider this part of things when I decided to do this but as i said I have gotten used to it.
Bash on!
(pardon the pun)

In relation to my address, yeh I guess that is a fair comment.
It always felt to me that I was giving my address to someone that I had spoke to on the phone and felt happy enough to proceed.
It was just weird to see that part displayed on here for anyone to see although yes, Stockbridge is a pretty wide area but it's also a very small area.
I'm not there anymore anyway.

What else? Yes I know this is a punters site, so crack on. I just wanted to clarify my gender as I don't want to be asked to do so again.
 It annoys me.
I "hopefully" won't be back on here to comment further. :)
« Last Edit: January 30, 2015, 06:02:06 PM by IrishJezebel »

Offline IrishJezebel

  • Service Provider
  • Posts: 3
I have no idea if the post lost me business, it's not something that worried me.
I don't like to do a lot of "high volume" and I figured the type of person who would pay
any attention to this kind of thing isn't someone who I would want to see.
As I said, i responded today after someone messaged me about it and I don't want to deal with it again.
Finding clients has not been an issue if that answers your question.

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