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Offline chinatoon

Don't know if this truely is an agency as the phone is answered by the girls rather than a pimp (for want of a better word). However a couple times I was sent to the same flat but I rarely use this agency so maybe it is.

Ami - i think she is office babe amy from adultwork. WOW what a fun girl and a very energetic shag. Great body and a massive booty :P Kissing but not french, covered bj but she makes up for it with that ass and her attitude. A very sweet pussy too.

Thai Alex - also works for bangkok escorts (or used to work for). I don't usually see the same girl more than once or twice but I wasn't disappointed to see her. She has a good attitude and her b2b massage to get things going is something I rather enjoy. All in all a good lass. Covered BJ and closed mouth kisses but makes up for it and if you get her to cum first she a lot more open.

Shilpa - Has a few wobbly bits and reasonably attractive. Can't really fault her but I just didn't get into it. can't remember too much however this was a while ago

Ageny is a bit disorganization and I'm not sure it's an agency but there I've never been truly disappointed in them in the girls I've seen past or present

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