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Author Topic: Elise (Maxesangels)  (Read 4337 times)

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Offline billlybob

if there were ever a reason to have a level (or two) move 'Positive' this is the time…


Now I have to say i was rather worse for wear when I booked Elise and i did myself no favours for an expense punt, however what I say i believe is a true reflection on reality.

I lurk on the maxes forum a bit and have seen Sindy in the past (very good) and had tried to see Libby but the booking went very wrong. Elise had been on my 'must see' list for some time…certainly my most must see girl at Maxes and there are now quite a few!!

I booked at the end of a bit of a session and asked for either Alicia http://maxesangels.com/alicia.htm or Elise. at the point of turning up at the hotel i thought i'd been told i was seeing in Alicia, but the text said Elise. either way i thought I was going to be happy!!

When Elise answered the door i was like a little boy getting a new bike (no pun intended) and probably could;t have looked happier.

Elise was just stunning - tall, tanned, sexy, lingerie and heels. being pissed i forgot about the paperwork and thought i'd given it to her…she assured me politely an patiently i hadn't at which point i discovered it in my trouser pocket. Second black mark to me!

ordered a bottle of 'poo as I knew thats what she drank and jumped in the shower. champers arrived and i got stripped off. what happened next is a bit of a blur, BUT her bj is the most extreme hardcore throat fucking i've ever had. just sublime…at one point she was drinking champagne off my hard cock then deep throating me and gagging and spitting on it…proper PSE stuff. then onto some revers oral and penetration - a few positions but can't remember how long for. I really wanted to cum and I knew she was up for messy cum play but for the life of me i just couldn't manage it…wrong side of a few bottles of wine. so a very poor show from me but a truly valiant effort from her.

Will HAVE to see her again sober to get a proper finish to the job.
She's easily got to the the sexiest and filthiest lady I've seen so far. One stripper in the US takes the medal still for the filth factor, but elise trumps on looks, service, nice personality AND a good dollop of filth thrown in!!!

Maxes might be more expensive, but to be honest both punts have delivered a top looking girl with great service...Biggest gripe for me with maxes is locations - all west end, but Elise says she may be coming to Liverpool st station soon. I'm not holding my breath but if she does it'll be one hell of a christmas present for me!!
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Online hendrix

Nice one! I need to see her, Maxes girls usually deliver the goods.

Offline NIK

Nice one! I need to see her, Maxes girls usually deliver the goods.

The two I've seen didn't.

At least not to the standards I was expecting.

Offline NIK

Indeed I saw another, not from Max's, but she said she's previously worked for them and she was crap too!  :thumbsdown:

Online hendrix

I think I've had two bad punts with Maxes in around 8 years..Jamie,  and some Brazilian girl whose name I can't remember. She was only there a week.

Offline trickytreacle

Maxes is brilliant. Try one of the new girls, Belle. She is amazing. Bit larger than I like most times cos I like petite - reckon shes around a 10, but is so damn hot.
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