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Author Topic: Will Porn filters affect UKPunting, AdultWork, etc?  (Read 4133 times)

Offline Corus Boy

Maybe sites like this;


will also be affected, so show your wife how shopping for her birthday gifts will be affected with filters in place.


Offline smiths

If the NSA has every phone in america tapped and its believed to be that GCHQ is meant to be even worse...maybe you are being monitored in some way.

Unless a person knows a way round it we are all being monitored by the state, its why they would be bothered or interested in the millions of people who view consentual adult porn. Porn is not illegal to view unless its sick shit like child porn so people have nothing to worry about even if the state knows you view online porn, big deal.

IF Labour get back in in 2015 and Harriet Harridan resumes her crusade to criminalise ALL punters then if she got her way punters would then have to be very careful as presumably phone and net communications could be used as evidence to prosecute. However, punting will ALWAYS find a way.

Offline Pete ---

If the NSA has every phone in america tapped and its believed to be that GCHQ is meant to be even worse...maybe you are being monitored in some way.

Being monitored yes, in the sense that some computer program running in GCHQ may well watch my traffic - but so what? We're not the droids they're looking for.

They need to keep their methods as secret as possible - they are never going to show up in court to say x was streaming something he shouldn't - they are reluctant to do that for terrorists, they are not going to do it for punters or wankers.

I just bought an iPhone 5s with EE and it came with parent locks. I had to call them to remove it. No hassle apart from that. Just had to turn the phone on and off and in a few hours it was working.

Offline Dani

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I should imagine it will be very easy for even married people to have the filters lifted.  For one only you have to make the call and two believe it or not women look at porn too.
we also look at shops like ann summers which will probably be blocked as it sells adult items.

Hell even simple forums may well be blocked.  I am on a MS sufferers forum and that will be blocked by the filters as some sections are about sex in graphic detail as some people struggle to find it comfortable or certain activities impossible so lots of advice is given to help them find easier ways to maintain a good sex life using sex pillows or bed wedges and how to use toys to help with it.
Lots of disability health forums will be blocked as so many have sexual topics.

In fact I even know one tropical fish forum that will also probably be blocked as it has an off topic that has a lot of adult content as it seems it is mainly men who collect and breed them

Offline G-Raw

They front the story with children being able to access these contents very easily but then tells us that we are not able to skip it? I mean, it will not affect me because I don't live in the UK but I am still pretty damn pissed about this. It's ok Cameron, 3d printable lowers for guns will probably be available I love the irony.

Offline Banquo

copied from a post I made in off topic, but relevant here:

Yes, it can be easily circumvented - don't know if you read my post on the blocked isp thread or not, but using immunicity will allow you to bypass the filters (currently blocking torrent and streaming sites, but soon to block porn as well).

If you want to access blocked torrent or movie streaming sites updating your proxy settings via immunicity will allow you to do so. They have added half a dozen porn sites as a test for the forthcoming porn filter - handy if your other half expects you to leave the porn filter on.

There has been some scaremongering on the internet that any "adult" site (perhaps AW, or perhaps even this forum), could be filtered by default. Immunicity will give you access despite the filter being "on" for your connection.

The other method is to use a VPN which makes it look like that you are outside the UK and therefore still able to legally access blocked sites. This might be slow or expensive though.

More information here - https://immunicity.org/

and a list of sites the main isp's are currently blocking, but immunicity will allow access to is here - https://immunicity.org/blockedsites

As stated in the other thread, I'm no expert in internet security, so do your own research, but I'm happy to be watching tv shows again following vodly.to being blocked by my isp a few days ago.

Offline ParisB

Haha, do you really think that the government will allow us to opt-in [to visit sites which are otherwise blocked] using an unregistered SIM?!?!  For starters that would be the easiest way for children to circumvent these measures and we're led to believe that protecting children is their sole objective.  You'll only be able to opt-in using a SIM that's registered to your home address.

Oh no, I fear another thumbs down from Jimmy.  Here you go Jimmy, I'll save you the trouble.  :thumbsdown:
 :hi: :hi: :hi:

I'm surprised that the government while bringing in this  banning of porn and over 18 stuff  hasn't yet brought in a law that requires  you to show a  passport or a driving licence and a  bill/ proof of residence  in order  to get a pay as you go sim

In Australia, Dubai, Norway, and Canada  to name just a few countries  in order to get a  pay as you go sim card for your phone you need your passport and the hotel details  or booking details  if your a tourist   ( yes there a  few ways around this but not particularly easy if you need one quickly 

You cant  ( well you can if you know were to look  :lol:)   even buy a pay as you go  sim card for these countries on ebay anymore 

Intersting thread. Will no doubt change business for some WGs and punters alike. No doubt I'll sign up as am single & nothing to hide. So if big brother is watching, arrest me for watching porn ( normal stuff I might add!) and surfing AW and UKP!!! And sum time I even surf the news pages and shop on eBay !!!

Offline Jamiee92

Even if your with a wife just opt in to adult content anyways...who is your wife to stop you having a bet on william hill? Cause that will be blocked too

Don't see the issue here

Even if your with a wife just opt in to adult content anyways...who is your wife to stop you having a bet on william hill? Cause that will be blocked too

Don't see the issue here

I guess I'd better start having the occasional punt to avoid suspicion  :cool:

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