Author Topic: What is it about Enfield....  (Read 2441 times)

...that this borough seems to be popping out pro$$ies like a rabbit on viagra? 

It seems that every day more pro$$ies are spawned and based in Enfield (apologies for mixing animal reproductive references). I also notice that when new ones come on to the AW database they always come in multiples (yes, like orgasms...I wished). Does anyone punt regularly in that area and if so have you come across any of these women so to speak. Are they real and legit or just a place where scams come from? It almost looks as if they are coming from one very prolific poster, so I am very sceptical of it all.

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It's cos all the Punters have Loadsaamoneyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! :lol:

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It almost looks as if they are coming from one very prolific poster, so I am very sceptical of it all.

Not one person but the same gang of pimps I would say.
There's already a recent thread about Enfield.

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I've never punted in Enfield, but after reading this study of sex workers in the local area, I don't want to either.

This part was interesting...
Detailed information on 76 identified brothels in Enfield revealed that 43% of sex workers were of Romanian nationality. Almost two-thirds of brothel workers in Enfield were from the Balkan region whilst almost a third were from Russian Federation nations. Many women involved in prostitution in Enfield brothels do not live locally; the most common addresses were in east London (Barking & Dagenham, East Ham, Forest Gate and Waltham Forest). Brothel workers in Enfield are transient and may work in multiple addresses across London. In several premises it was noted that workers are taken to and from work in mini-cabs, there may also be contracts/financial incentives available for mini-cab firms or individual drivers.

This part worries me and has put me off wanting to ever punt in Enfield...
The chance of a trafficked woman revealing her status to authorities is extremely limited therefore they are prone to coercion, violence and mental health issues. Only half of brothel workers in Enfield interviewed had access to their passports, only 34% knew they would be selling sex in the UK and only 16% were told they could work legally in the UK.

It all seems to be legitimate if you look at the references at the end of the page, lots of research has been done, it's not just a random set of figures put together to bang home a message that prostitution is bad.