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Author Topic: kymbellie_Lamb Bristol  (Read 793 times)

Offline HPotter


Anyone seen her? Tried calling and messaging on AW but never hear anything back.

Wouldn't bother mate.

Same as you, can't get hold of her by phone or email  :dash:


Offline HPotter

Um, some recent feedback says the same - she even hung up on one person. Shame she looks hot in the pictures.

Offline SteveNova

She does indeed look hot.  She says she's hard to get hold of and 'available until end of Feb' which is all rather confusing.

Finally someone with the same problem.  I have tried no ends to get in touch with her but absolutely no response whatsoever.  Yet she seems to be available everyday and even mentioned by seemingly another girl 'stella amore' for duo with kymbellie.  I can't figure this out.  :dash: :dash:

Offline xxxxxx

no response to my messages aw... but she doesnt have movies or pg so i dunno what her game could be, whats her number? i cant see it on her profile

Finally got a punt with her this week  :cool:

She's a nice girl, pretty, & delivers a good service but her pictures are slightly out of date.  I would see her again based on the service I got for 1 hour at £100 but those of you expecting a lean, trim & tanned bod are gonna be a little bit disappointed.

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