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Author Topic: Luxury Babe UserID=1928751  (Read 1584 times)

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Well, who said you need to avoid Romanians!?  https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=1928751

I was going to book Naughty Sarah again, since I had such a wonderful time, and then look who comes onto my radar as I was casually searching for another exotic looking hottie!?


Booked 30 mins for £70


- Yet another stunner! Skin without a single blemish! Honestly.
- A great sense of touch.  Her oral skills were fantastic for what I requested.  I'm an OW kind of guy (Not a massive fan of OWO) and she used her teeth brilliantly, making sure I'd stayed hard and ready and the pressure she applied was perfect at the time.  My cock is a little sore now, but the sensation when getting hard at the same time...makes me want to bankrupt myself even further, if that's possible.
- Overall a VERY attractive young lady, with beautiful eyes, nice white teeth and smells great.  She is very tall, at nearly 6ft with heels on(5ft 8 without), she looks like an Amazonian fuckable pricess.  She is also very slim, and being a slim guy myself, I felt like the bigger person when I was ontop of her!
- I'm a very simple guy when it comes to sex, she danced as I masturbated myself hard, she put it on and went down on me to keep it that way and then I entered her, without her putting lube on, so she remained tight.
- After the session, she massaged a couple of knots in my back and it was the best massage I've had from any of the other WG's I've seen so far.


- Initial comms were fine but then it took ages to receive the info once the booking had been confirmed, such as the street name for crying out loud!
- I was given a number to the flat/apartment, which wasn't the number to place and then I was given another number and more instructions and I eventually found it! If only they had given me the flat number range and the EXACT location I would have found the place much sooner!
- Be wary of another set of apartments on that road that has EXACT same the number too!  I went there accidentally as I saw the apartment number I was told and when I pressed the ringer a very well spoken and young English lass abruptly told me, 'There is noone in this apartment with that name!', which left me thinking I wasn't the first punter to make that mistake!

To summarise, great lass, great spoon fuck, mediocre and slightly aggressive comms.

My advice, once you are given the initial address, do not arrive too early, which is what I did and was left walking around the block of couple of times, like a dick.  When she's ready to meet you, DEMAND THE FLAT NUMBER RANGE.  It makes it so much easier to find!  The flat itself is on the corner of that road leading onto another road, that's all I can say unfortunately.  By all means demand this info when making a booking.

Would I book her again. 

Hmmm difficult one.  Her breasts are a little too small for my liking and I know it's a little crass comparing her to another Romanian, because it's not really a nationality thing, I much prefer Naughty Sarah to her since her apartment was way nicer, and much more easier to find but more importantly Sarah has bigger breasts and is just as pretty if not prettier in my eyes.  Ofcourse since it's on the main road, there is a risk of bumping into someone you might know!  This is where Luxury's place gets plus points for.  Very very quiet area, with a number of escape routes :D

She is still stunning though and the sex was still a goodie and is getting me hard just thinking about it!
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5 review(s) found for AngellaDeLuxe linked to in above post (4 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Online CoolTiger

Glad you enjoyed her. I saw her when she was visiting Leic last year and left FB on her using her old profile.

I saw a few weekends ago and the3mobile network was playing up. We both on 3 so it was a nightmare but glad I persisted, one of the best I've seen

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