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Author Topic: Naughty Sarah UserID=1994114  (Read 2217 times)

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So after trying to book Amber for another punt the same day, my cock works that way, I decided to take the advice from some of the Veterans of this forum and go for another WG, since Amber was probably done for the day.

Went and booked Sarah     https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=1994114

For 30 minutes.  Made my arrangements, since I knew the place very well and off I went!


- Fucking amazing body, petite and curvy and a very pretty face (although when she looks a little confused, she has this slight harsh edge to it, which made our initial conversations a little haughty, but for me, that little bitchiness is a massive turn on muwhaha!)

- She does do RO, which I like, but I didn't bother since we we're short on time and even though she got me hard, I was wary of not cumming! It's an issue I have and if the lass isn't sexy enough, I can go soft very quickly. I also asked for O with, not sure if she was willing to go without, but I'm not fussed. I just wanted her teeth to rub the underside to get me going and boy did she get me going.

- Spoon fuck was great and during sex she did as I asked and was very compliant.  Moaned and groaned. Infact, after the superlatives I 'sprayed' upon her, she was certainly very willing indeed to move into the two positions I asked^^

- Very large tits which I grabbed onto while I was fucking her from behind. For a slim guy like me, she fits like a glove.

- Her apartment is very nice.  It looks like it's part of a disused factory/warehouse, but the location is great and there is a cash point nearby.  Went to the very nice and warm pub nearby to grab a vodka and coke to keep me going before the meet.


- Comms were very difficult to begin with.  I told her I had booked half an hour, she thought it was an hour.  Then when I asked for an hour, she said she only had time for half an hour.  Arghhhh. It pissed me off a little, but as you know, for me it became a massive turn on!

- Her cautious attitude at the start can be a turn off for some, as stated above, her pretty/beautiful face does has a slight harsh edge to it when she's in a dispute.  Because there is another working girl (who apparently is also a stunner) in the same apartment, I had to be mindful of my big mouth. Which didn't make too much noise once my mouth was full of her breasts.

That face changed as soon as I complimented her enough times and fucked her good and proper as she was playing with her clitoris. God that spoon fuck! (Massive fan of spoon fucking)

Overall my best punt so far! Beautiful skin and face (yes the superlatives keep growing), great looking apartment and room, which was very clean and was very warm and perfectly lit for me.

However if you're the kind of person who likes to do DFK, cuddling and like your women a bit more meaty (she does have boney knees) then you might want to look elsewhere. 

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6 review(s) found for Naughty Sarah... linked to in above post (4 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

Good to hear that you enjoyed your time, I was thinking of booking her, but you say that she doesn't do DFK? if so, thats a shame as DFK is a must for me.

Overall my best punt so far! Beautiful skin and face (yes the superlatives keep growing), great looking apartment and room, which was very clean and was very warm and perfectly lit

Saw her a few weeks ago and she was very good at sex, but yes very quiet.

I thought the halogen lamp/heater was a weird thing to have in the room but it was v cosy

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