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Author Topic: Problem booking Indian Nisha  (Read 10312 times)

Offline ramrodronnie

Thanks Kam.

I  definitely haven't given up on her. Everything I've seen seems to suggest I'd become one of her regulars, but so far  my schedule (and the wife's) along with Nisha's availability conspires against this happening.
Hopefully she'll be around early January when the other half goes abroad...

Just have to work out how to appear not desperate

Hi Kam,

I have also seen Indian Nisha a couple of times, and I agree she is a lovely girl, and good value for what she charges, but you seem to have got more from her than I did? I Love a girl sitting on my face, or reverse oral, but she told me that she does'nt provide this service, I sent her a text asking her if she could reconsider, but she has stood her ground, and told me that she does'nt provide this service, or is she being selective?
Banning reason: Undesirable

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