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Author Topic: strip clubs  (Read 11443 times)

Offline rpg

Fake tan hair extension makeup etc, to me says a lot about a women and demonstrates they have made a good effort (and looks dam good) i have yet to meet an escort from an agency who wears the above to "party standard" I have had overnight bookings etc and escorts don't make a huge effort like they would if they were hitting the town

So is it just agency girls now? Party standard? We're obviously visiting different girls. Let's agree to disagree.

Resurrecting this thread as I was in one of the local clubs on Saturday night in Newcastle and managed to get extra's. Nothing too much just some tit groping (normally banned) but enjoyed the buzz.

Anyone had any recent similar experiences?

Not in Newcastle, but I got the tit sucking experience in Glasgow a couple of times and once in Angels in Redcar.

What's Angels like?

Did you have to ask for it or was it offered?

It was offered.

Angels is just alright. Its a tiny bit grotty inside and not the classier end of the market. However last time I was in at the end of last year, dances were still only a tenner which is cheap compared to elsewhere. Girls range from very pretty to pretty horrendous. It's also dead if you go too early in the evening.

Thanks. I've had tit sucking in FYEO before (old venue before it relocated).

Thanks. I've had tit sucking in FYEO before (old venue before it relocated).

I didn't even know it had moved. Shows how long since I've been to the toon. What's in the old building now and where has FYEO moved to?

The old one at Carliol Square is still there but theyv added a second venue next to Slaters Menswear. It's huge - about 3 times the size of the first one.

Offline coolguy1990

Yea but when ur smashed and u see the dancers all glamed up wearing nothing but string and high heels u don't care. I love the stripper look! No escort will ever be that glammed I.e hair makeup fake tan etc for any punt.

Bayleigh from Premium was totally done up like that, when I went to see her. She looked lush. Well tarty, but classy at the same time.
Banning reason: White-knight

I spaffed one during a lapdance - nothing to do with any extras - bar the £20 i slipped her to keep dancing - she was just grinding and it happened  :blush:

It was in Blue Velvet next to BrewDog.

Did you get any contact in there? That's what I get a buzz out of - persuading them to let you cop a feel  :D

Yeah they kind of grind up on your lap....it is hot!

Had a stripper (must have been a newbie) in Carlisle finger herself mid private dance and stick her fingers in my mouth (no extra).  Although it was private dance other private dances are going on in this area, another stripper saw what she did and gave her an absolute bollocking.

Also thinking back to a certain County Durham Strip club (now shut down) a few of the strippers were just local slags who were wandering around in a Bikini getting free drink and cocaine. A few of them would just let you feel their arse during a private dance if they were wasted enough. I knew at least one who was dancing in their and was on AW at the time.

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