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Author Topic: 15 min quickies  (Read 3964 times)

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I have partaken of 3 x 15 min sessions, one of which was with Steele....

It was £30 and ticked the boxes for me because all I wanted was a stress lifting shag and no more - I wouldn't pay £40 for this service however!
I also enjoyed a £30 OWO only BJ to completion for £30 - it's fine when you simply need some stress relief OR if you have an itching boner that just won't go away on it's own :thumbsup:

Offline Freddie55

  I dont see the point of a 15 min punt. Travelling time then undressing. Times up before you know it.
 I prefer an hour. Time for 2 rounds. With Lizzie we even share a shower afterwords. We've been known to have a doggie over the bath. A great round 3 before staggering home. Freddie.

Seriously, did you pay to have sex with her  :wacko:

it was a 15 min  bj booking and well worth it as i don't go for skinny barbie dolls who just do a crap job.  :dash:

Online James999

It's nothing to do with Skinny or Barbies, but seriously that type of Monster usually stalks the bars late at night and will put out for a pack of crisps  :vomit:

maybe u don't like bbw's thats your opinion.  :wacko:

Online James999

The term BBW is bollocks, how can becoming morbidly obese make her bautiful ?

If you want to shag fat munters you shouldn't have to pay to do so  :sarcastic:

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