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Author Topic: basingstoke?  (Read 808 times)

Offline tomcat600

anyone been to see the girls in the crown hieghts apartments?

Offline bsing72

The Asian places are your typical rub and a ride type places, £60 a pop for vanilla services and (unless you're very lucky) definitely not the girl in the pictures.

The EE one's are very hit and miss, my advice would be confirm services over the phone and before handing the money over. And in the case of bait and switch, just walk.

Basingstoke is a fucking war of attrition at the moment, so if you could let me know of any good punts it would be appreciated   ;)

I've been a few times, always at short notice, and have never had a bad time. The girls have all been young,attentive and friendly. As expected the service is pretty vanilla with the occasional surprise but for a 30 min last minute pop it's OK.

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