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Author Topic: Miss Dior XXX anyone?  (Read 2149 times)

Offline newbie83

I've just seen this profile:

Has anyone seen her yet?
I may give a go this week as it's nearby but... from another thread on this forum it seems she's connected to a Hungarian group that travel between Cardiff and Manchester.
If this is the case I'm dubious, as every Hungarian I've seen has been terrible.
She doesn't look like she's a size 6 in the pics either...

Her 1 review seems legit, although no detail of course.
I've just sent her a message so will see what her communication is like.

Offline Tom5334

Think she used to be around the Old st/Barbican area, was tempted but there was always something making me too wary to risk a punt.
The stairs she's posing on in her Gallery appear in quite a few profiles.
Banning reason: Trolling

Offline newbie83

Yeah, that's my thinking. Extremely wary.

She didn't reply to my message anyway, and can see she's read it.
Oh well, my search continues :)

Haven't seen Dior because of that irritating price structure. As previously mentioned she used to work with a group in Old Street, and one of her flatmates was Cleo.


Similar type of gal (blonde, plastic boobs, ink work) but looks like she has a better body than Dior. I had a decent 30mins with Cleo the other month in Tottenham for £60.

Offline billlybob

yep - seen her a couple of times when she was old st way...she hung around with a girl called barbie or something...

good body, but think she put a little timber on since my first punt with her and had her tits done even bigger. Very nice - very easy to talk to and very professional. All services listed and a good experience though extras put the price up. Reverse oral was extra which i always found frustrating as was cim which she held politely until i was finished then politely spat it into a tissue - very neatly - no fuss..

Lots of kissing and no issues with intimacy  - a very good service but clearly a 'service' than a 'date' albeit a very professional one.

Offline ynothgnis

Tried to make a booking with Ms Dior and was asked to confirm early afternoon on the day.

When I phoned at 12pm she told me (after much umming and erring) that I would need to call back later because she had given my previously agreed booking time to someone else but if he didn't confirm then I could have it again.

So she double booked me.

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