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Author Topic: lac3y ang3ll - Bristol  (Read 1045 times)

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Having enjoyed a 3some in Birmingham for £150, sadly they have gone back to Latvia, I thought I try this one.....

Booked a one hour 2 girl session with Angell and Blaze and asked for dressing up, sexy secretary type outfit.

Good email replies and spoke on 'phone to English girl from Wiltshire called Angell, she said she used to work in Trowbridge parlour but moved to Bristol.

She explained they were not in Horfield today but Totterdown, not a problem for me so went to the meet.

Scruffy basement flat in St Lukes Rd, met by Angell, dyed red hair, she was 25 once but that was a good few years ago, but friendly so went in.

Inside was a big bloke she said was her flatmate (yeah right) who was just leaving. I asked where Blaze was and told she would be here soon but could I pay now so her 'flatmate' could go shopping.

Told her I would come back later when both girls were there, she then suggested I just pay for her and pay the balance when Blaze arrived. Explained that I would not pay the £120 she charged if it was only her so we agreed a price with the balance for when Blaze eventually turned up,  'flatmate' went shopping.

She undressed to reveal that she was wearing stockings and bed socks! So much for the dressing up....I know I should have left way before now but she was pleasant and so obviously trying.

On to the bed and massage, I think the oil had come straight from the freezer so massage did not last long.

Kisses, DFK and cuddles lead to the Fun starting, oral was great, she has a tongue bar and this added a certain something to the act, she also said she loved oral and she certainly went for it. At the same time I was playing with her and things were getting wet.

After a while not only was it CIM but she also swallowed, not what I expected but she just smiled saying she enjoyed it.
More cuddles and conversation, by now it was obvious Blaze was not joining us and Angell admitted that Blaze was very unreliable, but she would try to make it up to me ;) More oral and then on with the condom.

She said she's had 2 kids but she was very, very tight as she climbed on top. All going well, when suddenly she jumped off apologising because she was bleeding. She cleaned me up and then off to the bathroom...end of games.

When she came back she was very apologetic but this was enough for me, as I was leaving 'flatemate' was in the other room and it was obvious he had not gone out.

So, in summary, a pleasant friendly wg who gives great head and swallows with a smile for a reasonable price BUT I booked 2 girls, uniforms and was expected to be happy with what I was offered...No chance!

It's not just the price that is at issue it's the fact that local girls don't provide what they offer and then complain they are losing business to the EE girls. My experience recently is that the Polish and Latvians not only give a good service for the price but also do what they say (can't comment on Romainians havn't tried one yet).

My advice, if you're looking for a 3some leave lac3y ang3ll well alone.

1 review(s) found for lac3y ang3ll linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline SirFrank

Thanks for the heads up mate. She sounds like a complete waste of time. Have u left feedback for her on adultwork
Banning reason: Shitstirring against admin on behalf of banned member

Have tried to but as it wasn't booked through AW site it won't let me so thought I should at least let UKP members know  :hi:

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