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Author Topic: Most erotic phrase.  (Read 3778 times)

Offline mh

On a similar vein, recently a girl I have seen more than once arrived at my place 20 minutes late, and rushed straight into the bathroom. My annoyance vanished when couple of minutes later she emerged naked, bent over the sofa and said: "I deserve to be punished, sir"

At least she didn't say "I'd give it a while if I were you - that curry went right through me, could you wipe my arse for me?"

Offline SirPhilipXX

Very drole. I guess I might find that erotic if I was into hardsports - or should that be softsports?  :scare

Maybe I should start a new thread: Least Erotic Phrase? Being something a WG has said that caused instant erection failure

Offline herbie007

I had an over nighter ask me once.

Do you want to lick my pussy whilst she cooked scrambled eggs.

Offline dilettante

:lol: I think it was this that made me stop doing facials haha! Loving that qoute though

I once downloaded a porn clip with an Irish guy hiring a prossie and filming it - this is what happened in the end, I felt a bit sorry for him, what a let-down!

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