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Author Topic: adelle of diamonds  (Read 515 times)

Has anyone seen adelle from diamonds ?
I had someone booked but was feeling ill on the weekend, I let her know I might have to cancel at the last minute , so she cancelled it. Anyway , felling a bit better today and used an agency for the first time.

I was expecting a stunner , for 5 seconds when she opened the door i nearly walked away!

She was wearing glasses but took them off and things improved. She is actually quite sexy in her own way.

The fact she is Spanish is definitely a bonus , at least for me. Her English isn't great , but i loved her Spanish accent.

I am not actually sure how I feel about it. She has a great personality. She tried hard , and I felt the most relaxed yet, which made me last longer.

She did want to look at her phone at one point , but i honestly forgive her for that!

One more thing , being Spanish and dark she had a few dark hairs on her nipples. That would normally gross me out, but again she is forgiven.

Anyway , just curious to what other people think of her.

She is kind of intriguing and may pay her a visit again at some point. 

Finally.. One more thing! Didn't like the fact there was a man in the apartment and I think there was more then one girl there.

Yeah, I had an appointment with her months ago.  I felt the same when I saw her, little dowdy and the glasses didn't help.  I ended up going ahead though and didn't regret it.  She has an infectious personality, a pretty fine body, and was a really enjoyable fuck.

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